Sunday, May 01, 2011

Online shopping

Sgtf> it's indeed tiny
Sgtf> i could store my sperm in there
Sgtf> for future generations of little sergeants
Bilbofett> got a link where I can purchase said item?
Bilbofett> It would make me cool at my job
Todd> Sgtf's sperm?
Bilbofett> people will walk by and go ".........well wait a minute, wtf is that?!"
Bilbofett> I would like to purchase the sperm, and the USB device

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Interesting BBQ

TheLonestRanger> brett ratner enjoying a Korean BBQ by the way:
DarkPassenger> darth i'm having trouble imagining that anyone in here could give any less of a shit than they currently do about a picture of brett ratner eating bbq
TheLonestRanger> but it's Korean BBQ

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Raretown comes clean

adnrrarotown> yes todd
adnrrarotown> i let bilbo felch me
Toddlemania> I figured so
adnrrarotown> then watch my spunk that dribbled from my anus onto his beard form into a crust in the mornig light as he sleeps
adnrrarotown> its sooo romantic

Sunday, February 06, 2011

The grief game

Eko> darth
DrizztDoUrden> eko
Eko> will you have sex with me?
Eko> good grief
DrizztDoUrden> oh good grief
Eko> YES!
DrizztDoUrden> you got what?
Eko> perfect execution
DrizztDoUrden> nevermind
away> wow
away> That was cool
away> Eko
Eko> i know
Eko> i'm proud of that actually
Anderson> Eko gonna get butt-fucked by Darth
away> You should be
Anderson> and Darth is going to take the worst pictures
Anderson> while doing it
Ribbons> Good grief
Sgtf> OH good grief
DrizztDoUrden> sigh
Anderson> he'll start spazzing and taking pictures of the ceiling
Anderson> a window
Anderson> and his shoes
Anderson> then, Eko won't have a damn thing to remember that magical night
DrizztDoUrden> it's mardi gras on the 8th?!
Eko> shut up
Eko> stop talking
Eko> and stick your cock in my mouth
DrizztDoUrden> for crying out loud
DrizztDoUrden> guess we have an early easter this year

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Javas; the very Lifeblood of IRC

* AICNJava8474 ( has joined
AICNJava8474> l
AICNJava8474> whas up
AICNJava8474> penis
* AICNJava8474 ( Quit (Quit: AICNJava8474)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Astromunk gets off on Mat Rash

Astromunk> I love wrestling.
Astromunk> It is nothing but two people competing
Astromunk> No balls, bats, pins, etc.
Astromunk> Nothing else in the way but the reality of the two people.
Astromunk> Not sexually, but I wish it were nude like ancinent Greek - nothing but the combat, -nothing- else, two people pitted against each other.
Cliff> WOW
* Todd sets mode: +b *!*
Cliff> the hydration test....
@Todd> Adults are talking
Cliff> they check your piss color

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Alarm clock artistic interpretation

Drake-san> I have my loudest alarm clock across the room
Drake-san> so I have to stand up and walk over to turn it off
Drake-san> and if I don't
Drake-san> it goes on for an hour
Todd> Did you ever have one of those baseball clocks?
Todd> It goes off and you have to throw it against the wall for the snooze
Todd> Then you HAVE to get up after the snooze goes off
Drake-san> I saw this one where a helicopter flies around your room
Todd> I couldn't fall asleep with something wizzing around the room
Todd> I'd have a bat nightmare
Drake-san> I actually programmed the robot from Ghost in the Shell (tachikoma) to become my second alarm clock
Drake-san> it is decently loud
RedNivek> baseball clock would be neat except my dog would take it and run
RedNivek> actually, if a light went on i would get up automatically
Todd> heh, but when the snooze alarm went off your dog would greak the fuck out
Todd> er freak
Todd> um, Drake
Todd> What's going on in the lower right corner there
Todd> that looks explicit
Drake-san> in the tahikoma picture?
Todd> yuh
Drake-san> I dont see anything
Todd> It looks like some reverse cowgirl action
Drake-san> Whaaat?
Drake-san> it is a AI robot
Todd> If you say so
RedNivek> looks like one robot fucking another from behind
Drake-san> *an
Todd> See? RedNivek sees it too
RedNivek> its obvious
Drake-san> you guys are just effing with me
Drake-san> my braingrapes
Todd> I'm really not
Drake-san> I dont see anything!
Todd> That's what it looks like
Drake-san> What?!
Drake-san> are you sure you aren't looking at his power unit
Todd> "Power unit"
RedNivek> more twisted japanese sex
Drake-san> uggggghhhhhhh
Todd> The one things legs are spread
Drake-san> no no
Drake-san> it is all 1 machine
Drake-san> the back part is the power/cpu
Drake-san> think of it like a spider
Todd> No way man
Todd> That is one thing fucking another thing
Drake-san> GAHHH!
Todd> be fault or design
Drake-san> no!
Drake-san> geeeehhhhhhhhhuhhhh
Todd> Look at the way the eyes are bugged out
Drake-san> those aren't eyes! necessarily!
RedNivek> a spider getting fucked from behind
Drake-san> no!
Drake-san> it is my alarm clock!
Drake-san> damn you!
Drake-san> :(
RedNivek> that would wake me up too
Todd> It looks like Man-E-Faces fucking Wall-E
RedNivek> itsy bitsy spider... gettin it from behind...
Drake-san> you have ruined my toy forever!
Drake-san> forever spoiled!
Drake-san> I have to cover it with a napkin in shame
RedNivek> ruined? nay.... put into new perspective
Todd> The napkin would be very appropriate
RedNivek> yes, especially when they "wake up"
Drake-san> uggggh
RedNivek> "spidey style"
Drake-san> GAHHHH!! NOOOOooo

Saturday, October 24, 2009

psssst..... Jacob doesn't like Van Helsing

Jacob> I hate van helsing
Ozymandias> It's on right now.
Ozymandias> FX
Jacob> yes, I know.
Ozymandias> Are you watching it?
Jacob> what do you think?
Ozymandias> Yes.
Ribbons> lol
Jacob> I am not watching it.
Jacob> that would be a no
Ozymandias> Then how did you know it was on?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Charm School in Session

textstring: Every time I think I'm being charming...
EonzHiglo: the ladies break out the mace?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Security is going to rough you up a little bit on the way out..."

     Kelofpeace: sorry, but i just cannot wrap my head on what you like about that film.

editor's note, this is the tail end of a thirty minute argument about Transformers. Yes, I realize this was a year and a half after the movie came out.

     Vegas: let me say it for you, yet again.


     Vegas: it's not deep.

Kelofpeace: i always ask folks that and all they can say is robots blowing stuff.

     Vegas: I'm not pretending that there's another reason.

Kelofpeace: Dude, T2 did that way better.

     Vegas: I'm saying that it's because I LIKE TO SEE GIANT ROBOTS BLOW SHIT UP. IN MORE THAN ONE MOVIE.

        Eb: dude that's grounds for kicking already

AICNJava70: Transformers is fucking entertaining but a shit movie

AICNJava70: i love it

        Eb: retarded fucking comparisons

     koogs: is this about which robot is cooler or movie?

        Eb: Transformers - T2

     Vegas: no, this is about Kel being unable to not be a douche.

     koogs: haha

Kelofpeace: I love robots blowing up shit too, but I didn't really feel I got that with Transformers.

     Vegas: He's saying he doesn't see why someone likes the movie, when I'm telling him in the simplest words possible.

Kelofpeace: I felt I got more people blowing up robots.


        Eb: yeah


Kelofpeace: lol

        Eb: wasn't... that your reason??

ScrooLoose: batteries not included is the best robot movie ever

Kelofpeace: Hey, if you love Shia I can buy that.

        Eb: yeah, Vegas likes teh Shia

Kelofpeace: hehe

     koogs: i liked transformers too. the only thing that got me were the couple of sideline stories

        Eb: Shia-wise, Indy 4 was the biggest embarassment

     koogs: but the battle on the freeway was epic

        Eb: John Turturro was the worst thing about Transformers

Kelofpeace: wasn't it just robots skating"?

     koogs: worth the movie right there

        Eb: he gave a wretched, unwatchable performance

     Vegas: that's it.

Kelofpeace: lol

     Vegas: this is annoying.

     Vegas: say goodnight Gracie.

ScrooLoose: his character was not turturro self

*** Kelofpeace has been kicked off channel by Vegas (Vegas)

*** AICNJava1263 ( has joined channel

*** AICNJava1263 is now known as Kelofpeace

Kelofpeace: hey, what I say?

     Vegas: does anyone want to talk about something interesting instead?

Kelofpeace: hmmm

Kelofpeace: so you guys into God of War?

     koogs: liam kicked ass in taken

ScrooLoose: button bashing games are boring

Kelofpeace: hey Vegas if you want me to leave any time just say so, no need for kicking.

     Vegas: I would like you to leave, because you annoy me.

Kelofpeace: really?

     Vegas: yes.

     Vegas: really.

Kelofpeace: well, I wasn't trying to.

     Vegas: I would be happier if you weren't here, whining about Transformers and making fun of people for enjoying it.

            Vegas waits.

Kelofpeace: okay, i will leave. see that film really annoys me, so i know how you feel.

Kelofpeace: laters.

*** Signoff: Kelofpeace (Quit: Kelofpeace)

     Vegas: wow.

     Vegas: that was awesome.

     koogs: nice

ScrooLoose: i'm sure he will join later under a different name

     koogs: that was a cyber escort out

     Vegas: I've never seen that happen before.

     Vegas: it's why I didn't ask...

     koogs: me either

Thursday, January 22, 2009

All in a name

* AICNJava0206 is now known as Sithtastic
sPinach> Hey, Sith, I have another alternate nickname for you. If you want to hear it.
Ribbons> I see where this is going
BluLighter> "Mrs Spinach"

Saturday, January 17, 2009

historic occasion, indeed

ruraljuror: Today is Michelle Obama's birthday apparently
dmann: i bet she gets something good
dmann: maybe she will get barackrolled, if you know what i mean...awww yeah
dmann: isnt it nice having a first couple for whom the idea of them getting it on isnt oogly?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jacob Lays It Down On A Brother

CoyoteAteMyStools> hot chocolate!
CoyoteAteMyStools> aow!
CoyoteAteMyStools> hot chocolate! sexual cocoa!
CoyoteAteMyStools> UH!
* CoyoteAteMyStools just felt like funkin out for a few seconds
Jacob> It is dance.
<@Todd> don't encourage him.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

R.I.P.-Big Pun (1971 - 2000)

[00:25] Spymunk> Dru, I'm not a ranter.
[00:25] Spymunk> I just care a -lot-.
[00:25] Spymunk> About everybody.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

If that's his idea of fun, I'm not sure I want to play...

Vamp: HEROES is turning into the SAW series.
Eb: no way
Eb: Herpes, this season, has been fun
Eb: *Heroes
Vamp: Herpes?
Vamp: Shit. Sorry to hear that, Eb.
Eb: well I'm sure that would be fun also

Spymunk becomes roadkill - Mori's last blog appearance?

[22:59] Spymunk> Wow, BENJAMIN BUTTON looks creepier and creepier.
[22:59] Spymunk> And more unpleasant
[22:59] emeraldluxury> Spymunk...everyone says it is very that confuses me
[23:00] Spymunk> Nothing makes me more pissed-off than stories that ultimately state as their moral compass: "Man, he is but helpless shit before life. Endure, slave, suffer and die. Life is pain and death! But if you smile a shit-eating grin, you will be OK!"
[23:00] Spymunk> emerald - it looks like one of those 'people are helpless and must suffer death' movies.
[23:00] @sPinach> spymunk, repeat after me ... It MIGHT not be like that!
[23:00] Spymunk> "Wow, dying is painful - but, ehhh, what'cha gonna do?"
[23:00] emeraldluxury> lol
[23:00] Spymunk> Spin - it will, trust me.
[23:00] Spymunk> You can tell from the trailers.
[23:00] ~Moriarty> It's not.
[23:00] ~Moriarty> But seriously.
[23:00] emeraldluxury> Spin...that it so true
[23:01] Spymunk> Mori - it's ... not?
[23:01] ~Moriarty> Shut the fuck up,
[23:01] ~Moriarty> Just shut up.
[23:01] Spymunk> Huh?you fucking asshole moron.
[23:01] ~Moriarty> Just shut up.
[23:01] Spymunk> Why am I ... huh?
[23:01] ~Moriarty> Just shut up.
[23:01] Spymunk> OK.
[23:01] Spymunk> I kinda wanted to talk about it, but ... ok.
[23:01] ~Moriarty> Because you're doing your bullshit thing again.
[23:01] Spymunk> Doing what?
[23:01] theremin> As Dianne Weist says..."Don't. Speak."
[23:01] ~Moriarty> But hey, you're smarter than anyone associated with the film.
[23:01] ~Moriarty> And you know all.
[23:01] ruraljuror> Mori, just think... in 3 more days you'll be free of Spy FOREVER
[23:01] Spymunk> ... :(
[23:01] KON> 3 days?
[23:01] * emeraldluxury cries
[23:01] ruraljuror> That's gotta be like Christmas or something
[23:02] theremin> it's all the rest of us that have to deal with him.
[05:02] @sPinach> You need to actually see it, spy. You've already made the prediction, now you need to test it against the actual film.
[05:02] Spymunk> spin - I'm afraid to see it.
[05:02] theremin> I'm afraid to listen to you talk about it
[05:02] ~Moriarty> So don't.
12[05:02] KON> but overjoyed about talking about it, evidently
[05:02] Spymunk> spin - I'm honestly afraid to see it. I'm furious that my grandfather (age 96) is about to die. He's been given a week to live.
[05:03] ~Moriarty> The only person who gives a fuck about hearing your inane rant about it is you.
[05:03] Spymunk> I'm so angry I'm just seething.
[05:03] ~Moriarty> That is NOT what the film says.
[05:03] ~Moriarty> But you've already made up your mind.
[05:03] emeraldluxury> Sounds like he has a long wonderful life
[05:03] ~Moriarty> So fuck hearing your affirm your stupid bullshit.
[05:03] Spymunk> Mori - is it an uplifting story that ultimately says that man should quest to improve himself in the face of mortality?
[05:03] ~Moriarty> Do me the personal favor of not seeing it so I don't have to smash your fucking head in with a rock.
[05:03] emeraldluxury> Stop spy
[05:03] ~Moriarty> Because I don't want to hear your shit.
[05:03] Spymunk> OK
[05:03] Spymunk> OK
[05:03] Spymunk> I'm -sorry, honestly.
[05:03] ~Moriarty> No you're not.
[05:03] ~Moriarty> Just shut up.
[05:04] theremin> so broken up about your grandfather that you're sitting on the internet annoying people instead of hanging out with him?
[05:04] Strabo> Mori has some anger issues
[05:04] Spymunk> My grandfather is dying, and there's nothing I can do. The fucking idiot doctors have taken off his IV and have recommended hospice, and as far as I'm concerned they're sentencing the man to death.
[05:04] Spymunk> I'm so angry at those doctors, I'm just shaking.
[05:04] emeraldluxury> Ok...guys, stop egging him on
06[05:04] * ~Moriarty sighs.
[05:04] ~Moriarty> So what the fuck does that have to do with a movie you haven't seen, you fucking gimp?
[05:04] ~Moriarty> Nothing.
[05:04] Spymunk> theremin - yes. Because he's in New York, dying.
[05:04] Spymunk> I'm in Oregon.
[05:04] Spymunk> And I can't afford the $900 plane ticket.
[05:04] Spymunk> I have no money.
[05:04] ~Moriarty> And that's David Fincher's fault.
12[05:05] KON> Mori, i hope you're not suggesting Spymunk is wearing tight PVC while typing this stuff
[05:05] theremin> he's ninety-fucking six dude.
[05:05] emeraldluxury> I'm sorry about your grandfather spy
[05:05] ~Moriarty> Remember... David Fincher is killing your grandfather personally.
[05:05] ~Moriarty> So by all means... rant some more about some moral to a film you haven't seen that has nothing to do with the movie itself.
[05:05] emeraldluxury> My dad died at the age of it is hard
[05:05] theremin> David Fincher took out my grandfather's IV and all I got is a movie with Brad Pitt and my seething rage.
03[05:05] * Ribbons is now known as CandyPants
[05:05] Spymunk> Mori - it's the doctors' opinion they should just give up and accept his ultimate death because he's 96 and he "shouldn't suffer."
[05:05] ~Moriarty> Again...
[05:05] ~Moriarty> What the fuck does that have to do with the movie?
[05:05] ~Moriarty> Nothing.
12[05:06] KON> Peter Pan scarred my retinas
[05:06] ~Moriarty> You're ready to rage about this point, so you're using this film you haven't seen.
[05:06] emeraldluxury> lol KON
12[05:06] KON> honestly
[05:06] @CandyPants> Also I hate to point this out Spy but, everybody DOES die
[05:06] Spymunk> And I blame, primarily, fatalistic attitudes for this. Maybe I'm wrong to think that way, but goddamn it, they should keep him on his IV and do evertyhing to try to save his life.
[05:06] @CandyPants> I bet you will too someday
12[05:06] KON> last film i seen as a kid before i got glasses
03[05:06] * Moriarty sets mode: +b *!*ICNJava51@*
12[05:06] KON> do the math
03[05:06] * Spymunk was kicked by Moriarty (WHAT DOES IT HAVE TO DO WITH THE MOVIE??? NOTHING!!! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! - Invincible - 460)
[05:07] emeraldluxury> heh...he had to get one in before you go mori
[05:07] theremin> and the crowd goes wild.
[05:07] emeraldluxury> I think he loved seeing if he could get you to talk to him
[05:07] ruraljuror> Christmas came early for everyone!
[05:07] ruraljuror> It's a Christmas Miracle!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Where the fuck do you live Jacob?

This is the third "closed down" post from Jacob.

[11:16] Jacob> have not been in a bookstore in a while to know that it was coming out eb.
[11:18] Eb> you don't go to bookstores?
[11:18] Jacob> I do.
[11:18] Jacob> not easy to visit.
[11:18] Jacob> since they are out of town.
[11:18] Eb> what frickin town do you live in??
[11:19] Eb> you a boonie?
[11:19] Jacob> the bookstores closed down.

Friday, November 28, 2008

yea, keith. quit being rude!

Jacob: got my new picture up on facebook.
Kent: Is it a nudey?
Jacob: nope.
Jacob: new picture of me without my glasses.. from after the surgery.
keith: the breast implants?
Jacob: don't be rude keith.

Monday, November 17, 2008

tell it to the judge

[21:16] <@sPinach> It was meant to be a symbolic penis.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Not the show you remember...

DeeJay2ooo: omg omg the Vietnam guy blew his brains out
DeeJay2ooo: i love this show
Jacob: what show?
DeeJay2ooo: Its always sunny in phil
Moriarty: Ohhh. I distinctly remember a SESAME STREET episode where a Vietnamese guy blows his head off. I got confused.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What a night!

[23:24] Spymunk> Why is everything about prison rape tonigt?

Monday, November 10, 2008

More news about store closings in Jacob's town.

[22:52] Jacob> my hometown did have a wendy's.. years ago.
[22:52] Jacob> but then went out of business.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Jacob> my hometown had two blockbusters.
Jacob> the closed one down and the other one is still open.
Ribbons> Cool story, Jacob

Friday, October 17, 2008

[06:39] PR> Just watched ONCE. cute lil movie
[06:39] PR> made me feel happy
[06:40] Dean_> what are you?? some kind of homo?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Fleshlight 101

sPinach> What IS a fleshlight anyway. A glowing dildo?
BluLighter> it's like a flashlight
BluLighter> but instead of a flashlight
BluLighter> it's a rubber vagina.
BluLighter> ...
Logan> "COUGHCOUGHCOUGH God, it's times like this I'm pissed Hendrix won't be born for another 12,000 years."
Oost> exactly
sPinach> !!!!
dmann> so its a pocket pussy
Logan> Spinach, you're male right?
sPinach> Aye?
Oost> did cavemen make anoying songs like i can ride a bike with no handlebars
Vertov> I've never heard of that before.
Vertov> I mean, that's kinda strange.
Moriarty ( has joined
Darklord> [Moriarty] "I'm not locked up in here with you. You're locked up in here with me."
* Darklord sets mode: +qo Moriarty Moriarty
sPinach> Yeah, but why is it called a "flesh light". Does it glow?
Bunble> And don't ask, because I have no clue.
BluLighter> it looks like a flashlight
BluLighter> the casing
ruraljuror> because it's shaped like a flashlight
Moriarty> What a comment to walk in on.
ruraljuror> you screw it open, then screw it
Vertov> and why am I learning about this now?
Logan> Yeah, like they said, It's shaped like flashlight to avoid detection. Like an erotic Transformer.
Moriarty> That would have only been better if Spinach's next line was, "And how do I get it out of me?!"
Vertov> I see.
BluLighter> the Decepticunts
Logan> I actually own a Fleshlight. Neat concept but such a bitch to clean I don't use it.
BluLighter> ...
Vertov> you learn something new every day.
Vertov> and this is what I got to learn about today.
* BluLighter immediately regrets typing that
sPinach> Lol
ruraljuror> I thought it was machine washable?
ruraljuror> like, the dishwasher
Vertov> is that what it says on the tag, bamf?
Logan> Dude, do you think I'm going to put spooge in with the dishes I eat off of?
Oost> i nominate deciptcunts as word of 08
ruraljuror> LOL logan
ruraljuror> not at the same time
Logan> Even if it got super clean the idea alone would make it difficult for me.
ruraljuror> ew
Logan> Just imagine, tiny, tiny little Logans all over your spoons.
Vertov> I dunno, Logan.
Vertov> I got lucky once in my car.
Vertov> it doesn't make it strange that I drive in it to work
ruraljuror> hahaha
BluLighter> ...
Vertov> Logan - jesus christ
Vertov> that messes me up

Friday, August 08, 2008

Finally! The nature of the universe is understood!

Spymunk: The problem is, I get frustrated and horny, and when that happens, everything annoys me. SO, there, a story into my life.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Some Light Law Enforcement Humor

rafo: my interrogation point is fucked up, sorry about that
CherryValance: is that like inspiration point for detectives?

Monday, July 28, 2008

theremin> tequila: midnight kiss is pretty good.
theremin> I definitely want to see IOUSA
Mad_Dog> I am mixed on seeing IOUSA
Mad_Dog> cus the debt thing is kinda obvies
theremin> obvies?
Mad_Dog> obvious
Mad_Dog> just sounds better
* Mad_Dog watches Shark Week
theremin> Mad_Dog: I've got a doc you should see.
theremin> Spellbound
Mad_Dog> what is that about?
Mad_Dog> ohhh
Mad_Dog> funny theremin
Mad_Dog> har har har
Mad_Dog> jackass

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oh, PETA...

ruraljuror: ... PETA is complaining about TDK
ruraljuror: Apparently Batman should have some sort of anti-dog batgadget
ruraljuror: and not punch the precious little doggies
Moriarty: That's it. I'm going to go next door and punch a dog for real just because PETA bitched about it.
Moriarty: Since they don't know the difference between reality and a movie.
Prangelina: why a dog?
Vertov: Batman did have to fight off some henchdogs, didn't he
ruraljuror: Can we punch them instead?
dmann: what if the dog is a really nice dog
dmann: even worse, what if the dog is a rottweiler!
• Vertov will, to clarify for the record, that he does not personally advocate dog-punching.
Ed: the dogs were going to kill him
dmann: and then the NAASS (north american arm safety society) would be all crazy!
dmann: up in arms, if you will
ruraljuror: lol
Prangelina: i will.
ruraljuror: this is so going on the blog
Vertov: you were waiting to bust out that pun on us
Ed: those dogs may have eaten someone
dmann: those dogs are gonna hate Rorschach
dmann: err Peta
Vegas: I don't care if it's in a movie or not. IF A PITBULL ATTACKS YOU, YOU CAN PUNCH IT.
Vegas: Fuck, if a pitbull attacks me, I will shoot it, stab it, set it on fire and feed it to a trash compactor. THEY'RE FUCKING PITBULLS. They're not fairies.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Jacob: I am alright.
Jacob: had a fire down the street from my house the other night.
Widescreen: Was it a big fire?
Jacob: destroyed a whole condo.
ruraljuror: I'm glad you're ok Jacob
Jacob: luckily they were able to contain to the one condo.
Jacob: thanks bamf.
Jacob: it was pretty intense.
Widescreen: Did you go down and save anyone from the fire?
WritingTwoArticles: Jacob, that'll teach you not to thrown your white-hot crack pipes into someone else's condo.
Jacob: I blew the fire out like the main of steele.