Sunday, December 10, 2017

Dear Adam,

I can't believe you've been gone ten years.

I still remember the moment I heard you had died. I felt so strongly that it was fake news, even though that wasn't an expression in use back then. I remember trying to use early google-fu in those first hours to try to find you. Eventually, I found your work number, and they verified it. I was heart-broken.

You pop up a lot in my mind when I encounter the things we both loved, which means A LOT, given that the world now revolves around geek culture. There's a Star Wars movie every year now and half-dozen comic book movies. At our age, we were accustomed to having so few science-fiction movies available that we watched them all, regardless of how bad they were. Several times. Now there's always something coming out that's easy to ignore.

Also, almost every time I pass a Speedway, I think "Spedway" to myself, and you pop in my head.

You've been on my mind more this year, I guess, for two reasons. The first is that we lost another person in the circle we knew each other from. She was young, and it was just as sudden as when you died. Almost every day on facebook I see old interactions with her that make me sad and usually spark a memory of you.

The second is that, while the place we met has been vacant for years, it came out this year that the person who built that house for us is a serial sexual assaulter. Women have been coming forward all year to announce the wrong-doings of powerful men, and I know you would appreciate how people that abuse their power are starting to be held accountable.

Anyway, I woke up this morning to the alert that it's (sort of) the 10 year anniversary of your death. (Thanks Facebook!)

I must admit I thankfully haven't experienced much mourning in my life, but I decided when the feels (that's something people say now) hit me so strongly this morning that I should write and let you know that you're still on my mind ten years later.

And probably will be ten years after that.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

Online shopping

Sgtf> it's indeed tiny
Sgtf> i could store my sperm in there
Sgtf> for future generations of little sergeants
Bilbofett> got a link where I can purchase said item?
Bilbofett> It would make me cool at my job
Todd> Sgtf's sperm?
Bilbofett> people will walk by and go ".........well wait a minute, wtf is that?!"
Bilbofett> I would like to purchase the sperm, and the USB device

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Interesting BBQ

TheLonestRanger> brett ratner enjoying a Korean BBQ by the way:
DarkPassenger> darth i'm having trouble imagining that anyone in here could give any less of a shit than they currently do about a picture of brett ratner eating bbq
TheLonestRanger> but it's Korean BBQ

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Raretown comes clean

adnrrarotown> yes todd
adnrrarotown> i let bilbo felch me
Toddlemania> I figured so
adnrrarotown> then watch my spunk that dribbled from my anus onto his beard form into a crust in the mornig light as he sleeps
adnrrarotown> its sooo romantic

Sunday, February 06, 2011

The grief game

Eko> darth
DrizztDoUrden> eko
Eko> will you have sex with me?
Eko> good grief
DrizztDoUrden> oh good grief
Eko> YES!
DrizztDoUrden> you got what?
Eko> perfect execution
DrizztDoUrden> nevermind
away> wow
away> That was cool
away> Eko
Eko> i know
Eko> i'm proud of that actually
Anderson> Eko gonna get butt-fucked by Darth
away> You should be
Anderson> and Darth is going to take the worst pictures
Anderson> while doing it
Ribbons> Good grief
Sgtf> OH good grief
DrizztDoUrden> sigh
Anderson> he'll start spazzing and taking pictures of the ceiling
Anderson> a window
Anderson> and his shoes
Anderson> then, Eko won't have a damn thing to remember that magical night
DrizztDoUrden> it's mardi gras on the 8th?!
Eko> shut up
Eko> stop talking
Eko> and stick your cock in my mouth
DrizztDoUrden> for crying out loud
DrizztDoUrden> guess we have an early easter this year

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Javas; the very Lifeblood of IRC

* AICNJava8474 ( has joined
AICNJava8474> l
AICNJava8474> whas up
AICNJava8474> penis
* AICNJava8474 ( Quit (Quit: AICNJava8474)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Astromunk gets off on Mat Rash

Astromunk> I love wrestling.
Astromunk> It is nothing but two people competing
Astromunk> No balls, bats, pins, etc.
Astromunk> Nothing else in the way but the reality of the two people.
Astromunk> Not sexually, but I wish it were nude like ancinent Greek - nothing but the combat, -nothing- else, two people pitted against each other.
Cliff> WOW
* Todd sets mode: +b *!*
Cliff> the hydration test....
@Todd> Adults are talking
Cliff> they check your piss color

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Alarm clock artistic interpretation

Drake-san> I have my loudest alarm clock across the room
Drake-san> so I have to stand up and walk over to turn it off
Drake-san> and if I don't
Drake-san> it goes on for an hour
Todd> Did you ever have one of those baseball clocks?
Todd> It goes off and you have to throw it against the wall for the snooze
Todd> Then you HAVE to get up after the snooze goes off
Drake-san> I saw this one where a helicopter flies around your room
Todd> I couldn't fall asleep with something wizzing around the room
Todd> I'd have a bat nightmare
Drake-san> I actually programmed the robot from Ghost in the Shell (tachikoma) to become my second alarm clock
Drake-san> it is decently loud
RedNivek> baseball clock would be neat except my dog would take it and run
RedNivek> actually, if a light went on i would get up automatically
Todd> heh, but when the snooze alarm went off your dog would greak the fuck out
Todd> er freak
Todd> um, Drake
Todd> What's going on in the lower right corner there
Todd> that looks explicit
Drake-san> in the tahikoma picture?
Todd> yuh
Drake-san> I dont see anything
Todd> It looks like some reverse cowgirl action
Drake-san> Whaaat?
Drake-san> it is a AI robot
Todd> If you say so
RedNivek> looks like one robot fucking another from behind
Drake-san> *an
Todd> See? RedNivek sees it too
RedNivek> its obvious
Drake-san> you guys are just effing with me
Drake-san> my braingrapes
Todd> I'm really not
Drake-san> I dont see anything!
Todd> That's what it looks like
Drake-san> What?!
Drake-san> are you sure you aren't looking at his power unit
Todd> "Power unit"
RedNivek> more twisted japanese sex
Drake-san> uggggghhhhhhh
Todd> The one things legs are spread
Drake-san> no no
Drake-san> it is all 1 machine
Drake-san> the back part is the power/cpu
Drake-san> think of it like a spider
Todd> No way man
Todd> That is one thing fucking another thing
Drake-san> GAHHH!
Todd> be fault or design
Drake-san> no!
Drake-san> geeeehhhhhhhhhuhhhh
Todd> Look at the way the eyes are bugged out
Drake-san> those aren't eyes! necessarily!
RedNivek> a spider getting fucked from behind
Drake-san> no!
Drake-san> it is my alarm clock!
Drake-san> damn you!
Drake-san> :(
RedNivek> that would wake me up too
Todd> It looks like Man-E-Faces fucking Wall-E
RedNivek> itsy bitsy spider... gettin it from behind...
Drake-san> you have ruined my toy forever!
Drake-san> forever spoiled!
Drake-san> I have to cover it with a napkin in shame
RedNivek> ruined? nay.... put into new perspective
Todd> The napkin would be very appropriate
RedNivek> yes, especially when they "wake up"
Drake-san> uggggh
RedNivek> "spidey style"
Drake-san> GAHHHH!! NOOOOooo

Saturday, October 24, 2009

psssst..... Jacob doesn't like Van Helsing

Jacob> I hate van helsing
Ozymandias> It's on right now.
Ozymandias> FX
Jacob> yes, I know.
Ozymandias> Are you watching it?
Jacob> what do you think?
Ozymandias> Yes.
Ribbons> lol
Jacob> I am not watching it.
Jacob> that would be a no
Ozymandias> Then how did you know it was on?

Friday, May 22, 2009

Charm School in Session

textstring: Every time I think I'm being charming...
EonzHiglo: the ladies break out the mace?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

"Security is going to rough you up a little bit on the way out..."

     Kelofpeace: sorry, but i just cannot wrap my head on what you like about that film.

editor's note, this is the tail end of a thirty minute argument about Transformers. Yes, I realize this was a year and a half after the movie came out.

     Vegas: let me say it for you, yet again.


     Vegas: it's not deep.

Kelofpeace: i always ask folks that and all they can say is robots blowing stuff.

     Vegas: I'm not pretending that there's another reason.

Kelofpeace: Dude, T2 did that way better.

     Vegas: I'm saying that it's because I LIKE TO SEE GIANT ROBOTS BLOW SHIT UP. IN MORE THAN ONE MOVIE.

        Eb: dude that's grounds for kicking already

AICNJava70: Transformers is fucking entertaining but a shit movie

AICNJava70: i love it

        Eb: retarded fucking comparisons

     koogs: is this about which robot is cooler or movie?

        Eb: Transformers - T2

     Vegas: no, this is about Kel being unable to not be a douche.

     koogs: haha

Kelofpeace: I love robots blowing up shit too, but I didn't really feel I got that with Transformers.

     Vegas: He's saying he doesn't see why someone likes the movie, when I'm telling him in the simplest words possible.

Kelofpeace: I felt I got more people blowing up robots.


        Eb: yeah


Kelofpeace: lol

        Eb: wasn't... that your reason??

ScrooLoose: batteries not included is the best robot movie ever

Kelofpeace: Hey, if you love Shia I can buy that.

        Eb: yeah, Vegas likes teh Shia

Kelofpeace: hehe

     koogs: i liked transformers too. the only thing that got me were the couple of sideline stories

        Eb: Shia-wise, Indy 4 was the biggest embarassment

     koogs: but the battle on the freeway was epic

        Eb: John Turturro was the worst thing about Transformers

Kelofpeace: wasn't it just robots skating"?

     koogs: worth the movie right there

        Eb: he gave a wretched, unwatchable performance

     Vegas: that's it.

Kelofpeace: lol

     Vegas: this is annoying.

     Vegas: say goodnight Gracie.

ScrooLoose: his character was not turturro self

*** Kelofpeace has been kicked off channel by Vegas (Vegas)

*** AICNJava1263 ( has joined channel

*** AICNJava1263 is now known as Kelofpeace

Kelofpeace: hey, what I say?

     Vegas: does anyone want to talk about something interesting instead?

Kelofpeace: hmmm

Kelofpeace: so you guys into God of War?

     koogs: liam kicked ass in taken

ScrooLoose: button bashing games are boring

Kelofpeace: hey Vegas if you want me to leave any time just say so, no need for kicking.

     Vegas: I would like you to leave, because you annoy me.

Kelofpeace: really?

     Vegas: yes.

     Vegas: really.

Kelofpeace: well, I wasn't trying to.

     Vegas: I would be happier if you weren't here, whining about Transformers and making fun of people for enjoying it.

            Vegas waits.

Kelofpeace: okay, i will leave. see that film really annoys me, so i know how you feel.

Kelofpeace: laters.

*** Signoff: Kelofpeace (Quit: Kelofpeace)

     Vegas: wow.

     Vegas: that was awesome.

     koogs: nice

ScrooLoose: i'm sure he will join later under a different name

     koogs: that was a cyber escort out

     Vegas: I've never seen that happen before.

     Vegas: it's why I didn't ask...

     koogs: me either

Thursday, January 22, 2009

All in a name

* AICNJava0206 is now known as Sithtastic
sPinach> Hey, Sith, I have another alternate nickname for you. If you want to hear it.
Ribbons> I see where this is going
BluLighter> "Mrs Spinach"

Saturday, January 17, 2009

historic occasion, indeed

ruraljuror: Today is Michelle Obama's birthday apparently
dmann: i bet she gets something good
dmann: maybe she will get barackrolled, if you know what i mean...awww yeah
dmann: isnt it nice having a first couple for whom the idea of them getting it on isnt oogly?

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jacob Lays It Down On A Brother

CoyoteAteMyStools> hot chocolate!
CoyoteAteMyStools> aow!
CoyoteAteMyStools> hot chocolate! sexual cocoa!
CoyoteAteMyStools> UH!
* CoyoteAteMyStools just felt like funkin out for a few seconds
Jacob> It is dance.
<@Todd> don't encourage him.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

R.I.P.-Big Pun (1971 - 2000)

[00:25] Spymunk> Dru, I'm not a ranter.
[00:25] Spymunk> I just care a -lot-.
[00:25] Spymunk> About everybody.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

If that's his idea of fun, I'm not sure I want to play...

Vamp: HEROES is turning into the SAW series.
Eb: no way
Eb: Herpes, this season, has been fun
Eb: *Heroes
Vamp: Herpes?
Vamp: Shit. Sorry to hear that, Eb.
Eb: well I'm sure that would be fun also

Spymunk becomes roadkill - Mori's last blog appearance?

[22:59] Spymunk> Wow, BENJAMIN BUTTON looks creepier and creepier.
[22:59] Spymunk> And more unpleasant
[22:59] emeraldluxury> Spymunk...everyone says it is very that confuses me
[23:00] Spymunk> Nothing makes me more pissed-off than stories that ultimately state as their moral compass: "Man, he is but helpless shit before life. Endure, slave, suffer and die. Life is pain and death! But if you smile a shit-eating grin, you will be OK!"
[23:00] Spymunk> emerald - it looks like one of those 'people are helpless and must suffer death' movies.
[23:00] @sPinach> spymunk, repeat after me ... It MIGHT not be like that!
[23:00] Spymunk> "Wow, dying is painful - but, ehhh, what'cha gonna do?"
[23:00] emeraldluxury> lol
[23:00] Spymunk> Spin - it will, trust me.
[23:00] Spymunk> You can tell from the trailers.
[23:00] ~Moriarty> It's not.
[23:00] ~Moriarty> But seriously.
[23:00] emeraldluxury> Spin...that it so true
[23:01] Spymunk> Mori - it's ... not?
[23:01] ~Moriarty> Shut the fuck up,
[23:01] ~Moriarty> Just shut up.
[23:01] Spymunk> Huh?you fucking asshole moron.
[23:01] ~Moriarty> Just shut up.
[23:01] Spymunk> Why am I ... huh?
[23:01] ~Moriarty> Just shut up.
[23:01] Spymunk> OK.
[23:01] Spymunk> I kinda wanted to talk about it, but ... ok.
[23:01] ~Moriarty> Because you're doing your bullshit thing again.
[23:01] Spymunk> Doing what?
[23:01] theremin> As Dianne Weist says..."Don't. Speak."
[23:01] ~Moriarty> But hey, you're smarter than anyone associated with the film.
[23:01] ~Moriarty> And you know all.
[23:01] ruraljuror> Mori, just think... in 3 more days you'll be free of Spy FOREVER
[23:01] Spymunk> ... :(
[23:01] KON> 3 days?
[23:01] * emeraldluxury cries
[23:01] ruraljuror> That's gotta be like Christmas or something
[23:02] theremin> it's all the rest of us that have to deal with him.
[05:02] @sPinach> You need to actually see it, spy. You've already made the prediction, now you need to test it against the actual film.
[05:02] Spymunk> spin - I'm afraid to see it.
[05:02] theremin> I'm afraid to listen to you talk about it
[05:02] ~Moriarty> So don't.
12[05:02] KON> but overjoyed about talking about it, evidently
[05:02] Spymunk> spin - I'm honestly afraid to see it. I'm furious that my grandfather (age 96) is about to die. He's been given a week to live.
[05:03] ~Moriarty> The only person who gives a fuck about hearing your inane rant about it is you.
[05:03] Spymunk> I'm so angry I'm just seething.
[05:03] ~Moriarty> That is NOT what the film says.
[05:03] ~Moriarty> But you've already made up your mind.
[05:03] emeraldluxury> Sounds like he has a long wonderful life
[05:03] ~Moriarty> So fuck hearing your affirm your stupid bullshit.
[05:03] Spymunk> Mori - is it an uplifting story that ultimately says that man should quest to improve himself in the face of mortality?
[05:03] ~Moriarty> Do me the personal favor of not seeing it so I don't have to smash your fucking head in with a rock.
[05:03] emeraldluxury> Stop spy
[05:03] ~Moriarty> Because I don't want to hear your shit.
[05:03] Spymunk> OK
[05:03] Spymunk> OK
[05:03] Spymunk> I'm -sorry, honestly.
[05:03] ~Moriarty> No you're not.
[05:03] ~Moriarty> Just shut up.
[05:04] theremin> so broken up about your grandfather that you're sitting on the internet annoying people instead of hanging out with him?
[05:04] Strabo> Mori has some anger issues
[05:04] Spymunk> My grandfather is dying, and there's nothing I can do. The fucking idiot doctors have taken off his IV and have recommended hospice, and as far as I'm concerned they're sentencing the man to death.
[05:04] Spymunk> I'm so angry at those doctors, I'm just shaking.
[05:04] emeraldluxury> Ok...guys, stop egging him on
06[05:04] * ~Moriarty sighs.
[05:04] ~Moriarty> So what the fuck does that have to do with a movie you haven't seen, you fucking gimp?
[05:04] ~Moriarty> Nothing.
[05:04] Spymunk> theremin - yes. Because he's in New York, dying.
[05:04] Spymunk> I'm in Oregon.
[05:04] Spymunk> And I can't afford the $900 plane ticket.
[05:04] Spymunk> I have no money.
[05:04] ~Moriarty> And that's David Fincher's fault.
12[05:05] KON> Mori, i hope you're not suggesting Spymunk is wearing tight PVC while typing this stuff
[05:05] theremin> he's ninety-fucking six dude.
[05:05] emeraldluxury> I'm sorry about your grandfather spy
[05:05] ~Moriarty> Remember... David Fincher is killing your grandfather personally.
[05:05] ~Moriarty> So by all means... rant some more about some moral to a film you haven't seen that has nothing to do with the movie itself.
[05:05] emeraldluxury> My dad died at the age of it is hard
[05:05] theremin> David Fincher took out my grandfather's IV and all I got is a movie with Brad Pitt and my seething rage.
03[05:05] * Ribbons is now known as CandyPants
[05:05] Spymunk> Mori - it's the doctors' opinion they should just give up and accept his ultimate death because he's 96 and he "shouldn't suffer."
[05:05] ~Moriarty> Again...
[05:05] ~Moriarty> What the fuck does that have to do with the movie?
[05:05] ~Moriarty> Nothing.
12[05:06] KON> Peter Pan scarred my retinas
[05:06] ~Moriarty> You're ready to rage about this point, so you're using this film you haven't seen.
[05:06] emeraldluxury> lol KON
12[05:06] KON> honestly
[05:06] @CandyPants> Also I hate to point this out Spy but, everybody DOES die
[05:06] Spymunk> And I blame, primarily, fatalistic attitudes for this. Maybe I'm wrong to think that way, but goddamn it, they should keep him on his IV and do evertyhing to try to save his life.
[05:06] @CandyPants> I bet you will too someday
12[05:06] KON> last film i seen as a kid before i got glasses
03[05:06] * Moriarty sets mode: +b *!*ICNJava51@*
12[05:06] KON> do the math
03[05:06] * Spymunk was kicked by Moriarty (WHAT DOES IT HAVE TO DO WITH THE MOVIE??? NOTHING!!! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! SHUT UP! - Invincible - 460)
[05:07] emeraldluxury> heh...he had to get one in before you go mori
[05:07] theremin> and the crowd goes wild.
[05:07] emeraldluxury> I think he loved seeing if he could get you to talk to him
[05:07] ruraljuror> Christmas came early for everyone!
[05:07] ruraljuror> It's a Christmas Miracle!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Where the fuck do you live Jacob?

This is the third "closed down" post from Jacob.

[11:16] Jacob> have not been in a bookstore in a while to know that it was coming out eb.
[11:18] Eb> you don't go to bookstores?
[11:18] Jacob> I do.
[11:18] Jacob> not easy to visit.
[11:18] Jacob> since they are out of town.
[11:18] Eb> what frickin town do you live in??
[11:19] Eb> you a boonie?
[11:19] Jacob> the bookstores closed down.

Friday, November 28, 2008

yea, keith. quit being rude!

Jacob: got my new picture up on facebook.
Kent: Is it a nudey?
Jacob: nope.
Jacob: new picture of me without my glasses.. from after the surgery.
keith: the breast implants?
Jacob: don't be rude keith.

Monday, November 17, 2008

tell it to the judge

[21:16] <@sPinach> It was meant to be a symbolic penis.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Not the show you remember...

DeeJay2ooo: omg omg the Vietnam guy blew his brains out
DeeJay2ooo: i love this show
Jacob: what show?
DeeJay2ooo: Its always sunny in phil
Moriarty: Ohhh. I distinctly remember a SESAME STREET episode where a Vietnamese guy blows his head off. I got confused.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What a night!

[23:24] Spymunk> Why is everything about prison rape tonigt?

Monday, November 10, 2008

More news about store closings in Jacob's town.

[22:52] Jacob> my hometown did have a wendy's.. years ago.
[22:52] Jacob> but then went out of business.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Jacob> my hometown had two blockbusters.
Jacob> the closed one down and the other one is still open.
Ribbons> Cool story, Jacob

Friday, October 17, 2008

[06:39] PR> Just watched ONCE. cute lil movie
[06:39] PR> made me feel happy
[06:40] Dean_> what are you?? some kind of homo?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Fleshlight 101

sPinach> What IS a fleshlight anyway. A glowing dildo?
BluLighter> it's like a flashlight
BluLighter> but instead of a flashlight
BluLighter> it's a rubber vagina.
BluLighter> ...
Logan> "COUGHCOUGHCOUGH God, it's times like this I'm pissed Hendrix won't be born for another 12,000 years."
Oost> exactly
sPinach> !!!!
dmann> so its a pocket pussy
Logan> Spinach, you're male right?
sPinach> Aye?
Oost> did cavemen make anoying songs like i can ride a bike with no handlebars
Vertov> I've never heard of that before.
Vertov> I mean, that's kinda strange.
Moriarty ( has joined
Darklord> [Moriarty] "I'm not locked up in here with you. You're locked up in here with me."
* Darklord sets mode: +qo Moriarty Moriarty
sPinach> Yeah, but why is it called a "flesh light". Does it glow?
Bunble> And don't ask, because I have no clue.
BluLighter> it looks like a flashlight
BluLighter> the casing
ruraljuror> because it's shaped like a flashlight
Moriarty> What a comment to walk in on.
ruraljuror> you screw it open, then screw it
Vertov> and why am I learning about this now?
Logan> Yeah, like they said, It's shaped like flashlight to avoid detection. Like an erotic Transformer.
Moriarty> That would have only been better if Spinach's next line was, "And how do I get it out of me?!"
Vertov> I see.
BluLighter> the Decepticunts
Logan> I actually own a Fleshlight. Neat concept but such a bitch to clean I don't use it.
BluLighter> ...
Vertov> you learn something new every day.
Vertov> and this is what I got to learn about today.
* BluLighter immediately regrets typing that
sPinach> Lol
ruraljuror> I thought it was machine washable?
ruraljuror> like, the dishwasher
Vertov> is that what it says on the tag, bamf?
Logan> Dude, do you think I'm going to put spooge in with the dishes I eat off of?
Oost> i nominate deciptcunts as word of 08
ruraljuror> LOL logan
ruraljuror> not at the same time
Logan> Even if it got super clean the idea alone would make it difficult for me.
ruraljuror> ew
Logan> Just imagine, tiny, tiny little Logans all over your spoons.
Vertov> I dunno, Logan.
Vertov> I got lucky once in my car.
Vertov> it doesn't make it strange that I drive in it to work
ruraljuror> hahaha
BluLighter> ...
Vertov> Logan - jesus christ
Vertov> that messes me up

Friday, August 08, 2008

Finally! The nature of the universe is understood!

Spymunk: The problem is, I get frustrated and horny, and when that happens, everything annoys me. SO, there, a story into my life.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Some Light Law Enforcement Humor

rafo: my interrogation point is fucked up, sorry about that
CherryValance: is that like inspiration point for detectives?

Monday, July 28, 2008

theremin> tequila: midnight kiss is pretty good.
theremin> I definitely want to see IOUSA
Mad_Dog> I am mixed on seeing IOUSA
Mad_Dog> cus the debt thing is kinda obvies
theremin> obvies?
Mad_Dog> obvious
Mad_Dog> just sounds better
* Mad_Dog watches Shark Week
theremin> Mad_Dog: I've got a doc you should see.
theremin> Spellbound
Mad_Dog> what is that about?
Mad_Dog> ohhh
Mad_Dog> funny theremin
Mad_Dog> har har har
Mad_Dog> jackass

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Oh, PETA...

ruraljuror: ... PETA is complaining about TDK
ruraljuror: Apparently Batman should have some sort of anti-dog batgadget
ruraljuror: and not punch the precious little doggies
Moriarty: That's it. I'm going to go next door and punch a dog for real just because PETA bitched about it.
Moriarty: Since they don't know the difference between reality and a movie.
Prangelina: why a dog?
Vertov: Batman did have to fight off some henchdogs, didn't he
ruraljuror: Can we punch them instead?
dmann: what if the dog is a really nice dog
dmann: even worse, what if the dog is a rottweiler!
• Vertov will, to clarify for the record, that he does not personally advocate dog-punching.
Ed: the dogs were going to kill him
dmann: and then the NAASS (north american arm safety society) would be all crazy!
dmann: up in arms, if you will
ruraljuror: lol
Prangelina: i will.
ruraljuror: this is so going on the blog
Vertov: you were waiting to bust out that pun on us
Ed: those dogs may have eaten someone
dmann: those dogs are gonna hate Rorschach
dmann: err Peta
Vegas: I don't care if it's in a movie or not. IF A PITBULL ATTACKS YOU, YOU CAN PUNCH IT.
Vegas: Fuck, if a pitbull attacks me, I will shoot it, stab it, set it on fire and feed it to a trash compactor. THEY'RE FUCKING PITBULLS. They're not fairies.