Wednesday, May 12, 2004

[Abstruse] The best places to hit are the bridge of the nose, the upper lip, the throat, the solar plexus, the groin, the knee, the shin, and the instep of the foot.
[Abstruse] Get a good, solid hit on any of these and you'll give yourself time to either get away or go for a follow-up.
[RendezvousWithKentrel] abs, Dan Insomato (Bruce Lee's student) talks about nerve points on the human body that are best to hit in self defence
[RendezvousWithKentrel] one is on the thigh (dead leg)
[RendezvousWithKentrel] another is a nerve in the elbow
[RendezvousWithKentrel] another is in the palm of the hand just near the joint where the thumb meets the hand
[Abstruse] Bridge of the nose - can't see. Upper lip - hurts like hell, and the blood is an intimidation factor. Throat & solar plexus - can't breathe. Groin - hurts like hell, no matter the sex of the person (though much more effective on males). Knee - can't stand. Shin & instep - hurts like a motherfucker can starts hopping.
[RendezvousWithKentrel] another is 5 pressure points around the heart that when you take 5 steps causes your heart to explode
[RendezvousWithKentrel] joking about the last one :P
[Abstruse] The problem is that the average person can't devote the time or training to learn the proper pressure points and be able to effectively hit them in a confrontation.
[Abstruse] But everyone knows where the instep or shin is.
[Abstruse] I think I'm going to get a milkshake and a soda...brb
[RendezvousWithKentrel] well that's why the average person will fall by the way side and the Kung Fu masters will survive!
[RendezvousWithKentrel] before long Earth will be populated by a small but highly skilled evolved breed of Kung Fu fighting humans

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