Friday, May 07, 2004

and finally....the sane one weighs in....

[MoriartyIsRumbling] Actually, in defense of Zim and Q (yes, I know... not a popular stance), I'd say EVERYONE in here is a humorless bag of fuck when it comes to any political comment.

[MoriartyIsRumbling] I think both of them, and yoda, take a huge amount of open abuse.

[MoriartyIsRumbling] And I think if you were really in a room with them talking to them like that, you'd be ashamed of yourself.
[MoriartyIsRumbling] And if you weren't, you should be.

[MoriartyIsRumbling] People are fucking cunts to conservatives in here, as if their views make it okay.

[MoriartyIsRumbling] There is no such thing as open political discourse in here.
JennGirl applauds in Moriarty's general direction

[MoriartyIsRumbling] It's just people being horrible to each other because they think differently.

[dmann] Im just tired of no one being able to say so much as a silly joke without getting jumped on....
[MoriartyIsRumbling] Dmann... you went off.
[MoriartyIsRumbling] And the problem is that people have so much baggage and history built up in here that it gets ugly in no time flat.
[InvaderZim] fuck.
[InvaderZim] at this point, maybe all politics should be banned in here.
[MoriartyIsRumbling] I advise people to get comfortable with the "ignore" function.

[MoriartyIsRumbling] If it really bothers you that much, and if a single comment can make you go mental and abuse someone mercilessly, then maybe just ignore them.
[MoriartyIsRumbling] I didn't see Zim's reaction as extreme or unwarranted. It was just his viewpoint, and a reaction to what was said. He didn't attack or belittle anyone.

[MoriartyIsRumbling] Of course each side thinks they're right.
[MoriartyIsRumbling] People don't walk around thinking, "Boy, I'm wrong, but I'm sticking to my guns."

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