Sunday, May 30, 2004

[Arkady] Hey Neil I know what Butsecks is now
*** Neil changes topic to 'Toranaga turns 30...No wonder they say the good die young. l * Arkady is still trying to figure out butsecks ...later that same day... Hey Neil I know what Butsecks is now '
[Arkady] gee
[Arkady] thanks neil
[GhoulardiMoonsTheWolf] hehehehe
[GhoulardiMoonsTheWolf] Nice
[Arkady] At least it's not plastered on some web board on the net...*looks at Ghoul*
*** GhoulardiMoonsTheWolf looks around innocently
*** JacksSmirkingRevenge wonders who Ghoul thinks he's trying to fool with that innocent act about *anything*
[GhoulardiMoonsTheWolf] I'm innocent when it comes to...hmmm...ummm...uhhhhh....crap...I'm drawing a blank
[Arkady] Yeah a blank indeed Ghoul
[Moriarty] You've never been innocent in your rotten life.
[Moriarty] You walked out of the womb swearing and drinking hard liquor, Ghoul.
[JacksSmirkingRevenge] lol
[GhoulardiMoonsTheWolf] Well, now that we've all established that I'm an Evil Fuck...
[Arkady] evil
*** GhoulardiMoonsTheWolf reveals the numerals on his forehead
[GhoulardiMoonsTheWolf] It's 999, fuckers
[Arkady] like Stewie from Family Guy evil Ghoul
[GhoulardiMoonsTheWolf] You got the WRONG DAMN GUY
[JacksSmirkingRevenge] Oh
[JacksSmirkingRevenge] Now that I can see.
[JacksSmirkingRevenge] Fooka as Stewie.
[OBCaliElf] but without the cool accent
[GhoulardiMoonsTheWolf] It's true. I have no accent whatsoever.
[GhoulardiMoonsTheWolf] I'm evil, but bland.
[Arkady] I have no accent
[Arkady] I do not say eh nor aboot
[GhoulardiMoonsTheWolf] LIES
[Arkady] I don't
[GhoulardiMoonsTheWolf] ALL LIES
[OBCaliElf] like mashed potatoes
[blue] the worst kind of evil
[Movieguy-McFly] btw, where is Fooka?

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