Thursday, May 13, 2004

*** blue gives jenn a dirty look
*** crunchycadaver does too
[JennGirl] !kick blue fuck off
*** blue was kicked by Darklord (fuck off)
*** blue has joined
[crunchycadaver] aha!
[JennGirl] !kick crunchycadaver you too, bitch
*** crunchycadaver was kicked by Darklord (you too, bitch)
*** crunchycadaver has joined
[crunchycadaver] wha!
[crunchycadaver] wtf n00b!
*** Tawny will not comment on what she just witnessed
*** blue starts crying
*** crunchycadaver consoles blue
[blue] who will stand up for me?
*** JennGirl is the original mean girl
*** Tawny consoles crunchy and blue
[JennGirl] !kick blue not me, that's for damn sure
*** blue was kicked by Darklord (not me, that's for damn sure)
*** blue has joined
*** blue sniffles
[crunchycadaver] blueeeeeeef!
[JennGirl] !kick crunchycadaver let him cry, bitch
*** crunchycadaver was kicked by Darklord (let him cry, bitch)
*** crunchycadaver has joined
[crunchycadaver] dagnabbit!
[Tawny] poor blu and crunchy just ignore her
*** crunchycadaver ignores the mighty jenn
*** crunchycadaver worships jenn
[JennGirl] i will not be ignored.
[blue] tawny, why is she doing this?
[Tawny] blue i dont question anymore
[BeeRightBack] Jenn...don't you think that's enough?
*** BeeRightBack is now known as Huneybee
[JennGirl] !kick huneybee nobody asked you
*** Huneybee was kicked by Darklord (nobody asked you)
*** Huneybee has joined
[Huneybee] !
[crunchycadaver] my word!she's insane!
[blue] she's kick crazy!
[crunchycadaver] gah!
*** crunchycadaver is afraid
[Huneybee] Well, if you want to be a total bitch about it
[Huneybee] :P
*** Huneybee is now known as HuneyBeeAway
[JennGirl] aren't i always?
[crunchycadaver] always jenn. a total bitch

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