Wednesday, May 12, 2004

[chet] u guys seen the mexican ufo video
[RendezvousWithKentrel] which one?
[chet> with the big balls of light around the plane
[theremin> I saw the story, I didn't see the video
[RendezvousWithKentrel] is this a recent video?
[RendezvousWithKentrel] nobody believes UFO videos anymore
[RendezvousWithKentrel] they all look like amateurish models or CGI anyway
[RendezvousWithKentrel] I'll believe in UFO videos when some amateur has a steady cam shot going from the UFO, to the landing, to inside, to the aliens, and then to The Bride as she's about to kick their green asses
[chet] this video was from an airforce plane it didnt look faked
[chet] but who knows, cant trust them dirty mexicans
[RendezvousWithKentrel] didn't know the mexicans had an airforce
[chet] u dont like mexicans huh
[RendezvousWithKentrel] I don't dislike mexicans
[chet] i never done a mexican before
[chet] screw those dirty bastards
[chet] make love not war

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