Tuesday, May 11, 2004

[Chrisloth_Tabor] Why didn't more people have sex in the holodeck?
[Chrisloth_Tabor] Oh and I'll be in the holodeck...IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.
[Ozymandias] Sloth as much as the holodeck gos haywire would you want to have sex with it?
[Ozymandias] The damn thing broke every other episode
[Chrisloth_Tabor] Geez, let me think.
[jaz] and why is everyone in the star trek universe so interested in science, and they all like, quizzicle?
[Ozymandias] Now Quark's HoloSuites are nice
[Hans] cus in the future, they moved beyond that kind of craving
[Chrisloth_Tabor] Let's face it, if the porn industry ran the holodeck that thing would be WORKING.

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