Sunday, May 30, 2004

[ColonelSanders] THE TERMINAL......DISEASE...........starring Michael J. Fo
[ColonelSanders] Fox
[blue] classy
[Neil] ColonelSanders do you even know what a kick/ban is?
[ColonelSanders] err yes
[ColonelSanders] I will quit making jokes
[Neil] cool
[Neil] awesome
[Huneybee] Life is good again.
[Kirsten] ha
[Arkady] LOL
[ColonelSanders] Need your ketchup to come down that fucking bottle, but it won't? Give it to FOX and he'll get it unstagnant in no time!
[ColonelSanders] okay, I quit
[Neil] you sure do
[ColonelSanders] however, who here wants some of my ORIGINAL RECIPE chicken
*** Neil sets mode: +b *!*
*** ColonelSanders has left
[Neil] awesome
[blue] lol
[Huneybee] Life is even better now.
[Arkady] LOL
[blue] is that that guy that wants women to fart on his penis?
[blue] because THAT guy's a comedic genius

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