Sunday, May 30, 2004

[Gatorade] cheyenne? were you angry with me the other night or somthing
[Cheyenne] no why
[Gatorade] you just left i thought you were kicked off or somthing
[Cheyenne] i probably just got bored of chatting
[Gatorade] yeah i know what you mean
[Cheyenne] ]
[NitpickMcFanboy] bored with chatting?
[Gatorade] cyber sex is better
[BeeIsJacksMovie] Cheyenne, meet Gatorade. He wants to cyber with you. Gatorade, you seem to already know Cheyenne.
*** Cheyenne gets naked
[BeeIsJacksMovie] Take it into pm, boys.
[BeeIsJacksMovie] Click on her name and a little box will appear. Insert cyber.

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