Friday, May 28, 2004

[Gatorade] goddamn it prey can't get back on and i was having a private conversation with her
[Kuzco] You mean pray
[Sandy] is she on MIRC?
[Gatorade] no prey
[Kuzco] Prey means she would be your victim
[Kuzco] Ok
[Gatorade] get it do i have to spell it out for you
[Gatorade] private conversation.....
[Sandy] tell her to do a restart
[Kuzco] Fair enough
[Gatorade] i don't i can't i don't know were she is
[Kuzco] I thought you typed prey I can get back on with her
[Kuzco] Long day
[Gatorade] i'm gonna start crying like jack bauer if sombody does/t help her
[Archduke_Chocula] lol
[Sandy] Gatorade maybe she wanted to leave
[Gatorade] i think i see her trying too log back on
[Sandy] How?
[Gatorade] "preym no such nickname/channel
[Gatorade] see
[Sandy] that just means she signed off
[Gatorade] oh
[Gatorade] really
[Sandy] yeah
[Gatorade] why did it pop up 3 times
[Sandy] she quit...she wasn't kicked off and there's no reason she can't come back in
[Gatorade] o'k' i'm crying like jacj bauer now
[HuneyBee`movie] What's the problem, Sandy?
[Sandy] no problem
[HuneyBee`movie] Is there something I can do to help?
*** HuneyBee`movie hasn't been watching the chat...
[Gatorade] i don't think so
[Gatorade] sob
[Sandy] Gatorade thinks somebody got kicked and they didn't
[Gatorade] i guess she just left me
[Ghoulardi] They all do, Gatorade
[Ghoulardi] Girls are icky
[HuneyBee`movie] lol
[Gatorade] oh well on too another one

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