Thursday, May 27, 2004

[Guest4261904] well don't you think it's interesting that they found up to a 100 motion sensors buried in the ground in the middle of the Nevada desert?
[UV] its for protection of classified stuff
[Guest4261904] for a base that doesn't exist?
[RaretowN] and the burial operatoion was overseen by JFK
[UV] it exists
[Guest4261904] one of these guys is being charged with a federal crime, for a base that doesn't exist
[UV] you need clearance to get past the sensors
[RaretowN] area 51 is the us govts most sucessful distraction to date
[UV] underground are lots of technology and radio equipment
[RaretowN] "the greatest trick the devil ever pulled..."
[UV] the base exists!
[UV] you need clearance to get in there
[UV] i mean that makes sense right?
[Guest4261904] right
[Guest4261904] I'm not saying it doesn't exist
[Guest4261904] personally, I believe it's just a testing facility for advanced new aircraft, and more power to them
[Guest4261904] but I don't know why they're denying it's existance
[UV] because its classified
[Guest4261904] they could just say "it exists, we build planes there.. look at our production line...zzzZZzz" and everyone goes to sleep
[UV] until they declassify everything in there that's what they have to do
[Guest4261904] don't you have a law in the US where stuff has to be declassified after 50 years?
[UV] what if its national security interest
[UV] i mean if you had a gun would you announce it to the neighborhood
[Guest4261904] 50 years later I would
[Guest4261904] or my children would
[UV] then someone might want to steal your gun
[Guest4261904] and their can't have been any weapon built 50 years ago that hasn't been vastly superceded by now
[UV] if they hadn't known everything would be fine
[UV] what if its biochem weapon
[UV] like the smallpox virus
[Guest4261904] well don't the US already admit to having biochem weapons
[Guest4261904] not aboard their aircraft sure, but they have them in labs
[UV] and you have seen this?
[UV] even on the news?
[UV] or on tv shows
[Guest4261904] seen what?
[UV] i agree that because the us has nukes we have tons of other stuff
[UV] but we don't have to admit to every single thing
[UV] that would make us look extremely bad
[UV] well unless you join the military you can't know for sure which is the truth
[UV] then you have to risk it all
[UV] be your own spy have hidden agendas
[Ghoulardi] The US has stockpiles of biological and chemical weapons
[Ghoulardi] They've never hidden that fact
[UV] or you can lie about it
[Ghoulardi] They've never lied about it
[Ghoulardi] Do pay attention sometime, UCAV
[Ghoulardi] Really
[UV] and you are in the military
[UV] you have seen all the weapons inventory
[Ghoulardi] You don't have to be in the military
[Ghoulardi] They're OPEN about it
[Ghoulardi] It's a DETERRENT, moron
[UV] the reason the us doesn't have classified stuff
[UV] i mean you need to shut up
[Ghoulardi] really can't be as stupid as you act. I refuse to believe it.
[UV] the reason why something declassified turns out it was made 8 years ago
[UV] i mean you need to shut up
[Ghoulardi] Really. Why would we have SECRET weapons? The entire idea of having them is so that OTHER people know we have them...and don't use them against us.
[Ghoulardi] Are you developmentally disabled?
*** RaretowN returns and is disappointed to discover YET ANOTHER military discussion in full flow
[Ghoulardi] It's not a discussion,'s UCAV rambling mindlessly about things he really knows nothing about.
[UV] ditto
[Ghoulardi] Well, at least he's nice enough to agree
[UV] all i really said was that the us has classified stuff sorry for pointing the obvious
[Ghoulardi] No, actually, they don't
[Ghoulardi] Because the US operates on a basis of deterrence with WMDs
[Ghoulardi] But, nice try
[Guest4261904] This is getting off the point
[Guest4261904] Do aliens exist and are they giving out free anal probes?
[UV] maybe they are giving out free brains and ghou can finally get one
[Guest4261904] what about anal probes?
[Ghoulardi] You should line up 3 times, UCAV
[Ghoulardi] Because 1 is obviously not enough to reverse your slide into inanity
[UV] i refuse to wait in line for you i'll order them off ebay

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