Friday, May 07, 2004

How to Get UCAV to Shut Up
[Ghoulardi] What is your damage?
[Ghoulardi] Really?
[Ghoulardi] Are you fucking retarded?
[Spiderbiot] no its yours
[Ghoulardi] Are you obsessed?
[Spiderbiot] raining on everyone's parade
[Spiderbiot] first spiderbiotch
[Spiderbiot] then the pedophilia
[Ghoulardi] What the fuck is your problem and how can I get you to just kill yourself and get it over with?
[Spiderbiot] your're obsessive compulsive
[Ghoulardi] Which you now know is true
[Ghoulardi] The allegations are there
[Spiderbiot] exactly allegations
[Spiderbiot] anyone can make them
[Ghoulardi] And you know that your hero likes to fuck little boys
[Ghoulardi] So, give it up
[Ghoulardi] Admit you were wrong
[Ghoulardi] And earn an ounce of respect
[Ghoulardi] Try it
[Spiderbiot] ever heard of an urban myth?
[Ghoulardi] It's liberating
[Spiderbiot] everything's a kentucky fried mouse right?
[Ghoulardi] Hate to tell you...
[Ghoulardi] It ain't an urban myth
[Spiderbiot] its an allegation
[Spiderbiot] technically it doesn't mean jack
[Ghoulardi] You wanna know what IS an urban myth? You being related to humanity
[Ghoulardi] You're a subhuman little twat
[Spiderbiot] urban myths are popular folklores that people talk about to stay entertained
[Ghoulardi] And you really should just kill yourself
[Ghoulardi] No one likes you
[Ghoulardi] No one thinks you're interesting
[Ghoulardi] No one thinks you're funny
[Spiderbiot] you are so gay
[Ghoulardi] Everyone thinks you're a sad little creature who can't even use 3D rendering software correctly
[Ghoulardi] Sorry
[Ghoulardi] Not gay
[Ghoulardi] You can pine away for me all you want, but I'm not gonna be with you, UCAV
[Ghoulardi] Find someone more in your league. You a retard.
[Ghoulardi] Please tell me you're going to play in traffic tonight.
[Ghoulardi] Make my day

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