Friday, May 28, 2004

*** Huckleberry_Boner has joined
[Huckleberry_Boner] My penis is so fucking huge right now. LADIES: I really need to eat, hump and finger your vaginas!!!!!!!!!
[HuneyBee`MinorityReport] Hiya, Huckleberry_Boner
[HuneyBee`MinorityReport] OH, my...I recognize that IP as the second on my most wanted ban list.
[HuneyBee`MinorityReport] you like coming here?
[Huckleberry_Boner] Am I the only guy that's totally nude, with a boner and ready to take a shit???
*** dmannWithOneRedShoe sets mode: +b *!*@2fd8f6a5.34823d30.1de2983b.6a63aefX
*** Huckleberry_Boner was kicked by dmannWithOneRedShoe (i know who you are)

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