Thursday, May 13, 2004

[Huneybee] I think you boys are on to something here
[DrMajorSgt] indeed Huney
[Huneybee] There could be full frontal Happy Meals
[SilentBobX] Oh, I have ideas that would sell big time
[Q] they do have "Adult Happy Meals", but it's the boring kind of "Adult"
[dmann] The TITTY McNugget
[MCVamp] of course, McDonald's Happy Meal tie-in's werent always so well thought out, as seen in this footage from a newsreel depicting their "Midnight Cowboy" toy assortment
[DrMajorSgt] Bobx is like the Michael Keaton character from Night Shift
[dmann] and dont forget the Tuna at Taco Bell!
[SilentBobX] Like my Marvel comics line of vibrators for women. The Hulk vibrator, the Spidey 'web shooter' special and the Wolvie dildo claw
[Huneybee] lol
[Zim-away] lol
[FNORDcinco] I dont want to order a MONEY SHOT MEAL no matter how many proteins it has in it...
[SilentBobX] LOL Sgt
[Huneybee] Aaaaannnndddd they're off on another tangent
[Huneybee] Brought to you by
[DrMajorSgt] I say the Happy Ending Meal is GOLD
[Huneybee] I will decline to have mayo on any Money Shot Meal, thankyouverymuch
[DrMajorSgt] MC: So the same thing occured when McDonald's tried the Deliverance tie in
[SilentBobX] What about the Happy Gilmore Meal? With a golf club and when you open it you hear a voice chip say: "The price is WRONG, bitch"
[Q] but its just not a money shot meal witout the mayo
[DrMajorSgt] featuring a toy that had the Ned Beatty character bend over and at the same time one of the renecks dropps trou
*** InvaderZim wants him some Pulp Fiction happy meal toys
[MCVamp] yeah, using it to promote the new McRib was a bit bad. "The taste will make you SQUEEEEEAL"
[DrMajorSgt] "YES! Squeal! Squeal like a pig...AT OUR AMAZING VALUES!"
[InvaderZim] there's sound clips from the movie.
[MCVamp] dont forget the Boogie Nights Happy meal that tied in with the Super Soaker company. Simply not in good taste.
[InvaderZim] "Does Marcellus Wallace look like a bitch?" comes from your kid's Happy Meal toy...
*** DrMajorSgt also notes the Infamous Crash toy -tie in with Arby's
[InvaderZim] "Then why'd you try fuck him like one?"
[lookingatanace] "It not just a happy meal, thats a giant cock!"
[Huneybee] The fries will be penis shaped
[DrMajorSgt] there was also the failed tie in 1986 when Quizno's joined up to promte THE FLY
[SilentBobX] The Chasing Amy platter at Long John Silver
[DrMajorSgt] Huney: And the Deep Throating jokes would keep on going
[Huneybee] Yep...ketchup flavored lube will catch on and become all the rage, replacing mango as the top selling favorite
[SilentBobX] Deep throating fries? Like in Fast Times?
[lookingatanace] Blue Velvet happy meal. Comes with Papst Blue Ribbon!!! Not that Heineken shit!!
[Steepdog] Jesus liscensed...that's a great itdea...the Passion of Christ Holy Meal
[DrMajorSgt] Looking: It also comes with a tiny tank of Nitrous
[MCVamp] Of course, Wendy's used to be more of a competitor on the national level, until the ill-fated "Soylent Green" kids meal tie-in.
[DrMajorSgt] and a Dennis Hopper action figure that screams MOMMY as it goes down on a woman
[MCVamp] well, the film clip at the end of commercials didnt help "The Big Bacon Classic is made from PEOPLE! ITS PEOPLE!!!"
[SilentBobX] Now at McDonalds: The Happy Hunter meal at the Las Vegas McDonalds now with Mescaline and a small white toy car you can smash
[Huneybee] The burgers wouldn't stop screaming...
[InvaderZim] Bee - eh. Some people might say... "wow, I never knew I tasted so good."
[DrMajorSgt] MC: With Founder Dave Thomas turning around from the giant people grinder and smilling and saying "Well what did ya expect?"
[dmann] The Silence of the Lambs Veal Parmigiana
[SilentBobX] Peter Jackson's Dead Alive kids meal at Jack In The Box. Bloody fuckin' good!
[MCVamp] I want a commercial where the little screaming hot dog puts the "Der" back in "Der Weinerschnitzel"
[DrMajorSgt] The Hunter Meal at McDonald's can be super sized to include half a salt shaker of cocaine and a lizard tail you can strap on
[MCVamp] hey, what about a BASKET CASE happy meal? sells itself!

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