Friday, May 28, 2004

[HuneyBeeAway] Christ...on a stick
[HuneyBeeAway] wtf was I thinking?
[HuneyBeeAway] I'm a female op in here
[HuneyBeeAway] I don't watch movies.
[HuneyBeeAway] I don't have questions.
[HuneyBeeAway] I don't discuss it.
[HuneyBeeAway] Of course not...
[JennGirl] Bee: c'mon now....
[HuneyBeeAway] No, Jenn, it's true.
[HuneyBeeAway] You've read the entries. lol
[JennGirl] we're just supposed to be bitches for no reason.....and not discuss movies
[HuneyBeeAway] But...but...
[HuneyBeeAway] fuck
[HuneyBeeAway] well, hell
[JennGirl] no no
[JennGirl] it's our lot in life
[HuneyBeeAway] what if I *want* to discuss movies?!
[JennGirl] accept it
[JennGirl] move on
[JennGirl] OR
[JennGirl] take the other route
[HuneyBeeAway] Motherfuck.
[HuneyBeeAway] I hate that other route shit.
[JennGirl] provide hot cyber opportunities for the men
[HuneyBeeAway] It hurts.
[HuneyBeeAway] Oh, wait
[HuneyBeeAway] I thought you were talking about...*hushes*
[JennGirl] no no no
[JennGirl] hush now
[HuneyBeeAway] erm...movies

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