Friday, May 28, 2004

[HuneyBee`movie] Oh, my...the chat seems to have died.
*** HuneyBee`movie picks a fight with someone
*** SilentBobX gets naked. U can wrestle me, Huneybee ;)
[HuneyBee`movie] ...
[HuneyBee`movie] Why?
[SilentBobX] Haha
*** HuneyBee`movie eyes SBX
[SilentBobX] U wanted a fight, didn't ya?
[HuneyBee`movie] I repeat...
[HuneyBee`movie] Why?
[SilentBobX] Cause I'm kidding and I just wanted to liven up the chat a little?
*** SilentBobX puts his thong and tank top back on. Oh well. Maybe next time
[HuneyBee`movie] That's better.

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