Sunday, May 30, 2004

[InsomniacMania] is it ok if i tell people about a good site i know
[GhoulardiSuffersThruSnowbeast] No
[BeeIsJacksMovie] No thank you, InsomniacMania.
[InsomniacMania] ah never mind
[BeeIsJacksMovie] Thank you again.
[InsomniacMania] worth a try huh
[InsomniacMania] lol
[GhoulardiSuffersThruSnowbeast] Try this one, InsomniacMania
[BeeIsJacksMovie] You dirty spammer.
[InsomniacMania] woah what did i say?
[GhoulardiSuffersThruSnowbeast] I just like spamming
[BeeIsJacksMovie] Your approach needs work, Insomnia.
[GhoulardiSuffersThruSnowbeast] Spam with eggs
[GhoulardiSuffersThruSnowbeast] Spam with ham
[GhoulardiSuffersThruSnowbeast] Spam with spam
[BeeIsJacksMovie] You appear slightly...trollish.
[InsomniacMania] yeah but i certainly didnt cuss anyone
[WinslowLeach] spam n eggs

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