Friday, May 07, 2004

[jr] My ideal career would be millionaire playboy aristocrat
[jr] not many openings for that in the job centre
[jr] pity.. I'd be really good at that too
[Paddy_OFurniture] Yeah and it sucks
[Paddy_OFurniture] I'd make a bat suit
[Paddy_OFurniture] just to impress the chicks, you understand
[vonBraun] jr... you first have to be born as a "lucky sob" to be a playboy millionare.
[Q] good, because if you tried to fight crime in a heavy rubber bat suit you'd get your ass kicked by highly ammused criminals
[Paddy_OFurniture] Q, yep. But you would have some good stories
[jr] fuck that fighting crime shit
[jr] crime is something the proles can worry about
[jr] I'd be too bust fucking Nicole Kidman and Michelle Pfeiffer
[Q] at the same time?
[jr] if that becomes possible.. yes
[jr] hell yes
[Paddy_OFurniture] a millionaire playboy aristocrat could pull that off
[jr] he sure could

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