Monday, May 10, 2004

[kiriyama] anyone else cum to lohan's vanity fair pics?
[Guest] lohan a hot little cookie
[Guest] bet lohan sucks a mean cock
[OBCaliElf] she's still 17, you sick fucks
[Durendal] Oh please
[Durendal] It's legal in many states
[Fishbulb] SO WHAT
[Moriarty] I apologize to anyone in this room with either (A) an IQ above 15 or (B) a vagina on behalf of all of Dr. Moreau's PigMan creatures who have evidently found keyboards.
[Durendal] So are the Olsen Twins
[Fishbulb] the minute she turns 18, it's OK, right
[Ghoulardi] It's still sick
[Durendal] LOL
[Chrisloth_Tabor] Thank you Moriarty.
[kiriyama] 17 is legal in most states
[Moriarty] You guys are fucking idiots.
[Moriarty] No wonder you spend time typing about sex instead of having it.
[Durendal] Oh please Mori
[Fishbulb] lol
[Moriarty] Oh please yourself.
[Durendal] I think I will
[Fishbulb] we wouldn't be in this chatroom if we were having sex
[Durendal] I do all the time!
[Moriarty] I'm sure, since no one else will.
[kiriyama] yeah like moriarity is the fucking god of pussy
[kiriyama] lol
[OBCaliElf] god, i hope you all have daughters and some nerd-ass pedo starts lusting after your kid
[Guest] that shit is mean
[WinslowLeach] im havin sex right now
[WinslowLeach] ok thats enough honey
[Kwame] Winslow, you sick shit!! LOL
[WinslowLeach] DO MY DISHES!
[Chrisloth_Tabor] WinslowLeach, that's called masturbation.
[WinslowLeach] lol
[kiriyama] some triumph jokes come to mind when one hears mcweeney and 'date' in the same sentence
[Moriarty] Oh, you really zinged me, Kiri. I'll go cry to my wife later that an anonymous internet fuck with pedo urges thinks I'm unloveable.
[WinslowLeach] eek
[Vegas] I don't even think this is really kiriyama
[Vegas] kiriyama usually picks his moments better, and less frequently
[Fishbulb] let's just shut up guys, since Moriarty is SO MUCH better a person than we are
[Fishbulb] heh
[WinslowLeach] "what do you say we get the prom queen impregnated?"
[Fishbulb] he's a deity after all with no animal urges
[Durendal] What?
[Kwame] Mori....whenever you're yer thing. :-)
[WinslowLeach] lol
[kiriyama] i didnt take the freaking pictures so how is it im the paedo? how else is the vanity fair spread supposed to be taken mori?
[Chrisloth_Tabor] Well, not anymore fishbulb, he's married.
[kiriyama] those vanity fair pics are supposed to elicit "oh, what a nice little child," ?
[Guest] im not a fan of pedofiles

And you wonder why everyone thinks the internet is full of sickos...

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