Sunday, May 30, 2004

[Kirsten] Neil..christ. It's like...we know you're gay, but do you have to GO ON about it. Jeez.
[11:21] LOL
[Kirsten] Live and let live I always say, but when he's trying to butsecks in pm every time he comes in enough is enough.
*** Arkady is still trying to figure out butsecks
[blue] the penis goes in the hole, arkady
[Huneybee] lol
[Arkady] oh butt sex you mean blue
[dmann] you all are SINNERS
[Huneybee] Well, yes
[dmann] REPENT
[Kirsten] Testify.
[Huneybee] No
[dmann] come on, please REPENT!
[Arkady] Um no
[Huneybee] This room has always had an ass fixation.
[dmann] heh, aww shucks, come on kids....REPENT befoah the LORD....its all the rage!
[Arkady] Hey I accpet Jesus...and I feel much better now
[Arkady] accept
[Arkady] dang nabbit

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