Saturday, May 08, 2004

[LavaMachine] Surviving do you explain the kamoto dragons? Those things are friggin dinosaurs!!
[BadWaldo] And turles and crocodiles and alligators
[BadWaldo] *turtles
[Hans] Kamoto "Dragons" are a joke
[LavaMachine] and those huge crocs in Africa?!? Damn!!!!!
[BadWaldo] CHinese and Japanese believe in dragon, I suppose
[Hans] Dragon's never existed
[BadWaldo] Loch Ness is legendary, but there are alleged swimming dinosuar sightings in China and even Canada...
[BadWaldo] Do you believe the Gulf of Mexico is actually the site of a huge crater that wiped out life millions of years ago?
[BadWaldo] Asteriod impact
[Hans] if you believe that, you should come see my flying pig farm

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