Thursday, May 13, 2004

[LordKanti] I will kill random japanese people
[Huneybee] Just try not to make a mess, LordKanti.
[LordKanti] ok
[Huneybee] There's no maid service here
*** LordKanti hands Bee a maid outfit
*** Huneybee raises her eyebrow and looks at LordKanti
[Huneybee] It'll look better on you, m'dear
*** LordKanti runs
[Huneybee] Oh, hell yes, Dru
[Huneybee] lmao
[InvaderZim] Who's in the maid outfit?
[Huneybee] It's an adjustable outfit, Zim...wanna try it on?
[InvaderZim] yeah, why not.
[Ozymandias] Hey hey, Im eating here
[InvaderZim] shut your hole, Ozy!

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