Monday, May 10, 2004

[loungelizard] u ever fucked a fat chick from behind
[loungelizard] i aint never seen a fat chick done in the pooter
[Chrisloth_Tabor] loungelizard, are you aware you're on a movie chatgroup?
[loungelizard] ok dude
[Chrisloth_Tabor> Besides loungelizard, once you have fat you never go back.
[loungelizard] no way dude
[loungelizard] id never fuck a chick over a deuce
[Chrisloth_Tabor] I'd never fuck a chick so there you go.
[loungelizard] u gay dude
[Chrisloth_Tabor] Oh, and loungelizard, I already got laid once today.
[bouush] what laid out
[loungelizard] u a fairy or what
[Chrisloth_Tabor] or what....
*** loungelizard was kicked by Moriarty (Enough. I can't take the retard parade today.)

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