Sunday, May 30, 2004

*** Martin has quit IRC (Quit: If all the world's a stage, where does the audience sit? )
[blue] THE OCEAN
[GhoulardiMoonsTheWolf] The ocean is where I pee
[OBCaliElf] you pee in the pool too!
[OBCaliElf] gross!
[blue] you pee everywhere ghoul
[GhoulardiMoonsTheWolf] It's true
[GhoulardiMoonsTheWolf] I mark my territory
[OBCaliElf] peeface
[PiltDownMan] peeing in the pool is icky
[Arkady] Yes but GHoul...we know those are your pants stop marking them
*** GhoulardiMoonsTheWolf pees on his cat
[GhoulardiMoonsTheWolf] That's MY cat now
[Arkady] ew
[Arkady] um
*** GhoulardiMoonsTheWolf pees on his TV
[GhoulardiMoonsTheWolf] MY DAMN TV
[Arkady] yup it sure it
[Arkady] is
[Vertov] marking your territory and posessions in the only way your primative brain can think of, eh Ghould?
[Sandy] yuck
*** GhoulardiMoonsTheWolf pees on Vertov
[Arkady] hahahahahhahha
[Vertov] bah!
[GhoulardiMoonsTheWolf] MY DAMN VERTOV
[Vertov] gaaaahhhhhh!
*** Vertov runs to his shower.
[Huneybee] hahaha
[Huneybee] Damn, what a sight to return to

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