Sunday, May 30, 2004

[Miracleman] Ya see? Q knows the truth.
[thx777b] oh Y10k
[thx777b] i get it
[thx777b] sorry
[Miracleman] He KNOWS the truth about the centuries and milleniums and whatnot!
[WinslowLeach] y3k
[Q] thx, no, I'm 7996 years ahead
[Miracleman] and he knows what's gonna happen in the next millenium!
[HuneyBeeGoodBadUGLY] Q likes to be prepared.
[Q] see, all the computers can handle 4 digit years like 2000... BUT, what about 5 digit years like 10,000? huh?
[thx777b] Q i think computer in the year 10.000 will handle more than 4 digits
[thx777b] computers i mean
[Q] you'll all be clammoring to get into my bunker where it'll be warm and sexy, and I'll only let the hot chicks in. the rest of you get thrown to the mutants

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