Sunday, May 30, 2004

[Miracleman] You go up to the Whataburger drive-through window, and you say "Yes, I'd like to order a large chocolate milkshake... and some SEX."
[Miracleman] And then they'll send a girl out and she'll totally bang you in the backseat of your Grand Am.
[thx777b] Miracle does "SEX" some in sizes?
[thx777b] is there like EXTRA LARGE "SEX" MEAL?
[Miracleman] no thx, but it comes in levels of hardcore-ness.
*** Miracleman now feels like getting a Whataburger milkshake and Whatburger SEX.
[Miracleman] The only bad thing about the Whataburger Sex deal is that you usually end up smelling like mustard and breakfast burritos.

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