Friday, May 14, 2004

[MistressDrusilla] I worked at a video store when Aladdi came name matches one of the main was TORTURE
[MistressDrusilla] my last name is that of a HUGE hotel chain and people ALWAYS ask me if I own it....fucking ANNOYING AS HELL
[MistressDrusilla] especially when I'm doing something where I'm essentially showing how poor I am
[Ozymandias] Jasmine Ramada?
[MistressDrusilla] NO
[MistressDrusilla] you got the first name right
[bluecifer] Jasmine Holidayinn?
[crunchycadaver] Holly RedRoofInn
[crunchycadaver] ?
[Ozymandias] Jasmin Motel6
[Kal-El] Hilton
[MistressDrusilla] no
[bluecifer] Jasmin W
[MistressDrusilla] nope
[Ozymandias] Jasmine EconoLodge
[MistressDrusilla] hardy har fucking har
[SaffyPower] Jasmine LaQuinta
[MistressDrusilla] nope
[Ozymandias] Jasmine Best Western
[MistressDrusilla] no no no
[bluecifer] jasmine johnson
[FNORDcinco] JaJo's!
[MistressDrusilla] nope
[SaffyPower] Sheraton
[MistressDrusilla] nada
[Ozymandias] Jasmine Mariott
[MistressDrusilla] Ozy gets the booby prize!!!
[Ozymandias] Whats the booby prize?

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