Tuesday, May 11, 2004

[Moriarty] I love when people who have no idea what's actually entailed in the making of a film call someone "lazy".[18:24] Quentin really needs to get going on Inglorious Bastards I hate how he takes such long breaks in between movies...lazy bastard
[Kwame] Mori....be nice.....
[HueyPNewton] he's not lazy, he's a pothead
[Moriarty] It's not manual labor, but it's a whole different kind of exhausting. Every part of this process requires ungodly hours and effort, and it's so easy to sit outside it and call people on the work they do. If you don't like something, great, but a comment like that is ignorant.
[HueyPNewton] let a playa play.
[pr] i would rather see a director take his time to make a movie than spit out one every year
[Moriarty] Be happy if you like a film. Be thrilled you saw it.
[dmann1] Yeah Huey, he does have a big head like a pot
[lopes] moriarty god worship as a point qt goes on about loving movies if he loved so much he should be working all time to make hes cv blonks
[imgodworshipme] well quentin said before kill bill filmed he wanted to shoot Inglorious Bastards and Kill Bill back to back...he did KIll Bill did publicity and then took from october until march off due to "stress" then did promotion for vol. 2
[Moriarty] But crying because they don't work more doesn't take into account the fact that it's a person you're talking about.
[dmann1] why lopes?
[Moriarty] Whatever. Fanboys know all.
[dmann1] why not just do it at the speed it needs to be done to make it good
[JennGirl] and Fangirls know more.
[Moriarty] lopes... are you speaking English?
[queeny] yaaaaaa FAN GIRLS
[Moriarty] Or some form of it?
[queeny] they are great.
[Moriarty] "he should be working all time to make hes cv blonks"
[SilentBobX] I could use some fan girls. Well, the topless kind that fan emporers with large leaves, like in ancient Egypt. Oh, you're not talking about those kind of fan girls are you?
[Moriarty] All your base are belong to us, indeed.
[lopes] a person who as like year off here year off there i mean if like a builder did that hell get the sack and him and hes 2 point 4 children will be on the streets
*** JennGirl points out that she is NOT a fangirl
[Moriarty] Lopes... your typing makes my eyes hurt.
[Moriarty] A lot.
[Moriarty] Are you a robot?
[dmann1] If a builder COULD take a year off between houses, dont you think he would?
[imgodworshipme] The guy took 3 years off after jackie brown and now hes taking time off again, when he has a script all written and ready to go
[pr] a builder is not an architect first/ second, his house is not viewed by millions
[AlexanderDeLarge] imgod -only he knows if the script is "ready to go" though. Some things need maturing and the benefit of time.
[dmann1] SHHHHH.....ixnay on the obotray incesay my cidentacsay
[lopes] of course but thats were he hates hes job qt dont hate hes job y would he
[Moriarty] Yes, idiot whose nick I refuse to type, you know all. You understand exactly what it's like to not have a life for three years outside of your movie and finally come up for air. You get it.
[pr] i,magine the pressue the builder would feel if he was an architect and many millions are waiting for the next design[Moriarty] When you're making a film, you literally have nothing else in your life.
[pr] QT has been doing moonlighting jobs as director of ER and other stuff
[Moriarty] Your friends... your family... anything like a real life... gone.
[Moriarty] Considering most of the people in and around my life are filmmakers, I see it all the time.
[Moriarty] And I know the toll it takes.
[imgodworshipme] how long does it take to get energy the guy took a 3 year break doing absolutely nothing...took almost a full year just on editing Kill Bill then took another 6 months off after kill bill vol1 opened and is now taking time off again
[Moriarty] That's why I don't whine like a baby if someone's production schedule doesn't match my needs as a viewer.
[Huneybee] Why do you care if the man took time off, imgodworshipme?
[AlexanderDeLarge] imgod - people dont take a year "off" while editing. Editing is a full time job.
[lopes] energy i mean hows film making hard work u poioot u fuck the extras and go oment u sh
[Moriarty] Seriously... lopes... are you an alien invader pretending to understand English?
[imgodworshipme] I dont care really Im just saying I hope he hurries up with Inglorious Bastards because Im eager to see it
[Moriarty] Or a robot?
[Moriarty] Because nothing else would explain your typing.
[Moriarty] Unless you're missing fingers.
[Moriarty] Is that it?
[lopes] y u say that
[Moriarty Are you missing fingers?
[Moriarty] Are you typing with your nose?
[Moriarty] Ah, yes... the relaxation of casual chat.
*** Moriarty grumbles something about clueless morons and goes back to work.

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