Saturday, May 15, 2004

*** My_Really_Stiff_Penis has joined
[My_Really_Stiff_Penis] Hi everybody
[My_Really_Stiff_Penis] um.....hello???????
[SpikeMasterofEvil] Yeah, but 70's changed it up Quint
[Quint] hullo, stiffy
[SpikeMasterofEvil] Penis, you have a stiffy, and we are tyring to ignore you.
[Movieguy] MRSP, you really don't want us to call you that
[My_Really_Stiff_Penis] I have so much sperm to shoot from the tip of my really stiff penis!
*** Papa_Weresmurf wacks My_Really_Stiff_Penis against his desk
[Papa_Weresmurf] dammit... too stiff.
*** My_Really_Stiff_Penis was kicked by Quint (ohmygod... I'm gonna... I'm gonna.... I'M GONNAAAA... )

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