Friday, May 28, 2004

[Ozymandias] Someone needs there prozac
[HuneyBee`MinorityReport] Me! Me! Me!
*** Ozymandias hands Bee the special pez dispenser
*** HuneyBee`MinorityReport guzzles penis shaped pez candies
[HuneyBee`MinorityReport] Thank you, Ozy
[FNORDcinco] I thought that said penis sized...
[FNORDcinco] DOH!
[FNORDcinco] thats some big pez...Well depending on uhhh well nevermind...
[dmannWithOneRedShoe] penis pez
[dmannWithOneRedShoe] that doesnt sound good
[Saffy] ewww penis pez
[HuneyBee`MinorityReport] It doesn't?
*** HuneyBee`MinorityReport pokes Saffy with a pez penis
[Miracleman] What's this about a genital?
[HuneyBee`MinorityReport] Well, hell...I gotta say least it's one thing I'm not getting as spam
[Miracleman] Heck, man... I'm always getting e-mail about REDUCING my penis size.

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