Sunday, May 30, 2004

[Papa_Weresmurf] Saffy, Liams just discovered his doodle
[Papa_Weresmurf] lol
[Saffy] Papa it is all over
[Huneybee] ha
[Kwame] Papa: O dear....
[Papa_Weresmurf] when hes in the bath hes whackin it... when hes got clothing on hes lookin for it
[Arkady] LOLOLOL
[Papa_Weresmurf] when hes nood hes playin with it
[Kwame] once they discover that, they won't stop yankin'....
[Arkady] Heyyy I stoped yesterday
[Papa_Weresmurf] lmao Kwame until we're 50 or so
[Arkady] for a while

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