Friday, May 07, 2004


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1:17 AM: Quint: !op
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1:17 AM: Tawny: Q they are seriously blocking it or should I say Eisner is blocking it
1:18 AM: Q: Tawny, no they aren't. Disney is simply not distributing it, someone else it
1:18 AM: Q: is
1:18 AM: Quint: hullo peoples
1:18 AM: ChroniclesOfManufacturedHype: they shouldnt, all that happens when they try to do stuff like this is the thing being blocked becomes an even bigger hit
1:18 AM: Mr_Sinister: Hello Quint
1:18 AM: FNORDcinco: I think eisner uses some kind of hypnosis for his TV interviews...When he was on CNN I was like "What did I ever hate in this guy"
1:18 AM: FNORDcinco: But then it ended and I went back to hating him...
1:19 AM: FNORDcinco: It was odd...
1:19 AM: AngelExecVP: Charisma in small doses Fnord
1:19 AM: FNORDcinco: Indeed...
1:19 AM: AngelExecVP: I agree totally with that, he interviews well
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1:19 AM: AngelExecVP: then after the segment ends, you are like, "Jesus, what a dillhole."
1:19 AM: InvaderZim: How are they "blocking" it? Mirimax, a Disney company, put up the money for this movie in the first place.
1:19 AM: InvaderZim: They're just not distributing it.
1:20 AM: InvaderZim: and they said so an entire year ago.
1:20 AM: AngelExecVP: Zim, they arent doing shit
1:20 AM: AngelExecVP: Moore just wants some hype going into Cannes
1:20 AM: InvaderZim: Jesus, are people willing to believe everything Moore says, including his flip-flops?
1:20 AM: AngelExecVP: Shit, in Cannes, they might make Moore a conquering hero
1:20 AM: Q: there are douzens of media companies not distributing the film, are they all censoring Moore too?
1:20 AM: ChroniclesOfManufacturedHype: well no matter what happened, that movie has gotten a big profile. Iw as wondering if it was still happening a few weeks ago, and now its being talked about on the news all day
1:20 AM: InvaderZim: Angel - everyone's pointing this out. this is a way to generate publicity so the French can love him more.
1:21 AM: *** Signoff: Guest (Quit: Leaving)
1:21 AM: AngelExecVP: Yup
1:21 AM: Quint: yes. the evil america hating french
1:22 AM: AngelExecVP: Quint, no, MOST of France. The South of France might like us, and dislike the rest of the country!
1:22 AM: FNORDcinco: Hey yesterday was cinco de mayo...My holiday for beating up frenchies...AND BOY DID I!
1:22 AM: InvaderZim: Queen - You do know about Moore's propensity to talk about the ignorance of the country when he's doing interviews in Britain and Germany, yes?
1:22 AM: ChroniclesOfManufacturedHype: boy these Bush ads are so misleading its ridiculous
1:22 AM: Quint: you don't think the majority of america is ignorant, zim? have you been to walmart recently?
1:22 AM: InvaderZim: And you do realize the intelligensia in Europe have always tended to applaud people like Moore.
1:23 AM: Q: Michael Moore is the new Yakov Smirnoff. he goes overseas and tells people who already hate his country what they want to hear
1:23 AM: Kraken: hehehe
1:23 AM: InvaderZim: Quint - Well, you prove my point. Its a shame how you feel this way.
1:23 AM: Quint: just today I had a neighbor lady (in a nice little subburb) come and talk to me in hushed tones about the "african american family" living down the street
1:23 AM: Kraken: Torture... or as I like to call it... freedom tickles
1:23 AM: Q: Quint, what's wrong with walmart, and the people who shop there? they're poor?
1:23 AM: Kraken: I love Daily Show
1:23 AM: InvaderZim: Well. QED, Quint.
1:23 AM: InvaderZim: America is stupid because you have a racist neighbor.
1:23 AM: FNORDcinco: Hey I shop their...They have quality 5 buck dvd's...
1:23 AM: *** Anakin_KillerOfJediYounglings ( has joined channel
1:23 AM: InvaderZim: Whoop de do.
1:23 AM: ChroniclesOfManufacturedHype: no, very rich people flood walmarts
1:23 AM: AngelExecVP: Q, no, we are not poor dammit!
1:23 AM: FNORDcinco: You can get like 20 for 5 bucks...
1:23 AM: Quint: Ignorance was what I was saying
1:23 AM: AngelExecVP: They have a decent toy collection!
1:23 AM: Quint: I shop at WalMart. I'm poor
1:23 AM: FNORDcinco: episodes...
1:24 AM: AngelExecVP: Poor of spirit Quint, but that can change!
1:24 AM: Q: are you ignorant because you shop at walmart?
1:24 AM: ChroniclesOfManufacturedHype: I scour walmart for pussy, I'm ugly.
1:24 AM: AngelExecVP: ha
1:24 AM: Toranaga: I shop at Target.
1:24 AM: Toranaga: Its hard to miss.
1:24 AM: InvaderZim: You did imply that the customers of WalMart are igornant, Quint.
1:24 AM: Quint: zim, you know what? I've been given permission to ban you, so I'd think twice about taking my words and twisting them to your liking
1:24 AM: Anakin_KillerOfJediYounglings: there is always some hot teen asss at my walmarts and targets
1:24 AM: Q: there are lots of ignorant people in the US, but they're not ignorant becuase they don't agree with Moore
1:24 AM: Kraken: Most of them are Zim...
1:24 AM: Kraken: at least in Texas
1:25 AM: InvaderZim: Quint - ...
1:25 AM: ChroniclesOfManufacturedHype: thats not fair, most of texas is ignorant
1:25 AM: AngelExecVP: Q, but Moore does seem like an all or nothing type or dude.
1:25 AM: Kraken: they all walk around with a dull look in their eyes
1:25 AM: FNORDcinco: permission to ban you...Their having secret meetings about
1:25 AM: InvaderZim: Gee, you can't take an argument, can you?
1:25 AM: Q: he's a nut
1:25 AM: FNORDcinco: uhhh...Illuminat(i)
1:25 AM: Q: he's bought into all the conspiracy idiocy about the president and 9-11
1:25 AM: FNORDcinco thinks he will pay for that mispelling...
1:25 AM: InvaderZim: I merely point out the logic of your arguments, and you threaten me.
1:26 AM: AngelExecVP: Conspiracy idiocy? Well not exactly
1:26 AM: Quint: zim, if you're going to go and spew your vile and venom and insult me (and yes I can take an arguement... there are just some people who make it impossible to argue with... you know, the type that take words and twist them to fit their skewered view of the world)
1:26 AM: ChroniclesOfManufacturedHype: there are some things about the saudi's that do need to be explored a little, but I Know all moore is going to do is go too far and render the point useless
1:26 AM: *** Blu ( has joined channel
1:26 AM: Quint: then I'll just cut it short now
1:26 AM: InvaderZim: thanks, Quint.
1:26 AM: Anakin_KillerOfJediYounglings: Quint are you still boning AuntieMeat?
1:26 AM: Quint: I'm not in the mood to hear the conservative party line right now
1:26 AM: InvaderZim: For nothing
1:26 AM: Kraken: woah
1:26 AM: Q: !op
1:26 AM: *** Mode change "+o Q" on by Darklord
1:26 AM: ChroniclesOfManufacturedHype: the conservative party line is soon going to be "Goodbye!"
1:26 AM: *** Signoff: BluLighter (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
1:27 AM: InvaderZim: Quint - you're not in the mood for argue.
1:27 AM: Quint: my god... zim sounds like a 13 year old who just got his favorite video game taken away
1:27 AM: *** Blu is now known as BluLighter
1:27 AM: InvaderZim: Or listen to those you don't agree.
1:27 AM: AngelExecVP: well, one can only hope, something helps them change their tune! I know what I must do...
1:27 AM: Toranaga: I wish we could have a ban on politics just like we have a ban on Garfield.
1:27 AM: AngelExecVP takes Reagan's brain, puts it in a robot's body, and HERE WE GO!
1:27 AM: Q: one does not have to be a conservative to find Michael Moore repugnant
1:27 AM: Kraken: I hate election years, I really do
1:27 AM: Quint: zim, if arguing with you was possible, then I'd be for it. But when you take everything I say and read bullshit into it, then there is no arguement.
1:27 AM: Anakin_KillerOfJediYounglings: all I kno is that our soldiers are kickin ass in Iraq
1:27 AM: FNORDcinco: really*
1:27 AM: Jack: I wonder why kraken?
1:28 AM: *** wus ( has joined channel
1:28 AM: InvaderZim: Quint- Sir, I said that Moore was calling Americans ignorant, and your reply was "have you been around a Wal Mart?" You were not being complementary to the customers there. Then you said you were a Wal Mart customer yourself.
1:28 AM: Kraken: remember folks, just because torture is something we DID... doesn't mean it's something we WOULD do.
1:28 AM: AngelExecVP: Anakin, they can only try, thanks to Rummy's inability to grasp to use a modern military!
1:28 AM: Q: but election years bring us the Olympics, and leap years(except on years divisible by 4 but not 100 unless also divisible by 400)
1:29 AM: ChroniclesOfManufacturedHype: conserative do have a tendency to look at things in a very rigid way
1:29 AM: InvaderZim: I'm not twisting your words.
1:29 AM: FNORDcinco gets all confused by what q said...
1:29 AM: Quint: Yes, thus making it clear that my comment wasn't aimed at the entire patronage of the chain
1:29 AM: ChroniclesOfManufacturedHype: the most popular conservatives view the truth through a completley warped lens
1:29 AM: InvaderZim: Just the ignornant ones.
1:29 AM: InvaderZim: I.e., not you.
1:29 AM: InvaderZim: I just find this a little condesending is all.
1:29 AM: ChroniclesOfManufacturedHype: sean hannity, bill oreilly, rush limbaugh, they're all such disengenuous asses
1:29 AM: Quint: zim, if you've never road tripped through the south or mid-west, then you have no idea how much redneck ignorance is out there
1:30 AM: InvaderZim: I'm not saying ignorance doesn't exist.
1:30 AM: ChroniclesOfManufacturedHype: ignorance exists, watch Fox News
1:30 AM: Q: that's the rule for leap years. years divisible by 4 are leap years, unless they're divisible by 100(1904 was a leap year, 1900 was not), except that years divisible by 400 are leap years(which is why 2000 WAS a leapyear)
1:30 AM: Kraken: ignorance exists here in abundance.
1:31 AM: AngelExecVP: Having known many a redneck, some of them are actually nice people, unless they are Jeff Gordon or Dale Earnhardt Jr fans. Then fuck them
1:31 AM: Quint: I also spent 2 months out of the country last year. In an allied country. And I got to see how the rest of the world really views America and it made me sad. Not only that, but I got to experience genuine human kindness in my day to day errands... You don't realize how shitty people are in America (generally speaking) until you've seen it somewhere else
1:32 AM: Tawny says if you are not registered to vote then please to do so. this weekend is national voter registration weekend.
1:32 AM: Kraken: "It" not being shittness, but kindness.
1:32 AM: AngelExecVP: Quint, yes, but do not for a minute think those people are not ETHNOCENTRIC
1:32 AM: Ozymandias: Yeah, the people in Mid_west are scum of the earth, to bad we can't just sterilize them so the more enlightened people in the big city don't have to worry about tainting the bloodlines
1:32 AM: AngelExecVP: They believe, their SHIT does not think
1:32 AM: AngelExecVP: It is the European mindset
1:32 AM: FNORDcinco looks at map...
1:32 AM: InvaderZim: Quint - ?
1:32 AM: Kraken: woah, your shit thinks?
1:32 AM: AngelExecVP: you can find if you read ANY, ANY, anthropological text from any European.
1:32 AM: Quint: ethnocentric?
1:32 AM: Q: I hate get out the vote drives. if you need someone to tell you to register, then you obviously don't care that much, so stay home and let those of us who do care make the decisions
1:32 AM: ChroniclesOfManufacturedHype: america is a wonderful country, I think people here are a lot more genuine than anywhere I've been. But so many people here cant admit how fucked up we do a lot of things
1:33 AM: InvaderZim: Are you that contempuous of your country, and so trusting of the opinion of others?
1:33 AM: AngelExecVP: Quint, yes, ethnocentric
1:33 AM: Kraken: we love our own, fuck everyone else.
1:33 AM: Quint: zim, you tell me. you trust everything that comes out of Bush's mouth and never question the republican party line
1:33 AM: Anakin_KillerOfJediYounglings: i like internet ppl better than real life ppl
1:33 AM: Quint: are you so trusting of the opinion of others?
1:33 AM: Q: Kraken, that's sort of the point of a country, collective defense and decision making...
1:33 AM: AngelExecVP: Zim, you make a good point, but the ethnocentricism from the rest of the globe bugs me the most.
1:34 AM: Tawny: bush = puppet
1:34 AM: FNORDcinco: muppet...
1:34 AM: AngelExecVP: They really believe they are better, even though they embrace everything about US
1:34 AM: Kraken: "collective" as in... the Borg?
1:34 AM: cardfrek: republicans have sold out to the corporations
1:34 AM: ChroniclesOfManufacturedHype: I dont think you can be an intelligent person and still say that Bush is open, honest, forthcoming, and not driven by political ambition
1:34 AM: Anakin_KillerOfJediYounglings: collective as in Soviet
1:34 AM: cardfrek: and the democrats have sold out to the unions and trial lawyers
1:34 AM: Q: ChroniclesOfManufacturedHype, of course not, he's a politician
1:34 AM: InvaderZim: Quint - Sir, you often aren't in here most of the time.
1:34 AM: Ozymandias: Quint, I keep forgeting who you are attacking, is it Bush or the white trash Mid-Westerners the have made your home country such a shitty place to come from
1:34 AM: ChroniclesOfManufacturedHype: Bush took a god damned poll to find out if he should admit to making mistakes
1:34 AM: cardfrek: vote nader!
1:34 AM: InvaderZim: You are making a lot of assumptions.
1:35 AM: Tawny: JUST VOTE!!!
1:35 AM: AngelExecVP: Ozy, or the Floridians!
1:35 AM: InvaderZim: I don't feel like talking in here anymore, since I'm under a threat of being banned.
1:35 AM: FNORDcinco: phew...Your only going after the white trash midwesterns...Im more of Lightly Browned second generation MidWesterner...
1:35 AM: InvaderZim: thank, Quint.
1:35 AM: FNORDcinco: FEW!
1:35 AM: InvaderZim: I feel your "chilling effect."
1:35 AM: *** InvaderZim has left channel
1:35 AM: Quint: my chilling effect froze poor zim!
1:35 AM: Tawny: why is zim under a threat of being banned?
1:35 AM: Anakin_KillerOfJediYounglings: there is a blanket of fear in this chat
1:36 AM: AngelExecVP: Quint, well someone rat him out last weekend
1:36 AM: ChroniclesOfManufacturedHype: you can talk about politics while being nice, just stick to facts and not insulting and its all gravy
1:36 AM: Q: Quint, you did threaten him for apparently no reason other than strenuously disagreeing with you
1:36 AM: AngelExecVP: and he has had some issues in here, when it comes to politics
1:36 AM: Quint: I knew all I had to do was whip out the chilling effectorator!
1:36 AM: Tawny: we all have issues
1:36 AM: FNORDcinco: and tissues...
1:36 AM: Anakin_KillerOfJediYounglings: "blanket of fear"
1:36 AM: Quint: very much so... he has to understand that this is an AICN chat, though. you can't get any more liberal
1:36 AM: Quint: than Harry and the majority of AICN
1:36 AM: Tawny: Quint true
1:37 AM: Kraken: Think think Quint's relationship with Zim can be summed up with the phrase "straw that broke the camel's back"
1:37 AM: Q: that makes it ok to threaten people?
1:37 AM: Tawny: Zim gets overzealous sometimes
1:37 AM: Kraken: I think
1:37 AM: cardfrek: heh get more liberal? go listen to some Pacifica Radio... they're socialists/commies
1:37 AM: Q: most people here are liberal, so it's ok for liberal ops to threaten those who aren't?
1:37 AM: Quint: Q, he took something I said and twisted it to make it fit into his personal little box
1:37 AM: Quint: I don't take too kindly to that
1:37 AM: Kraken: q: Zim has been a real asshole in the past, when he was an op, he abused power worse than anything Quint could do to him.
1:37 AM: Quint: Q, I've banned people for talking shit about Big Lebowski. That's the power I have. This room isn't a democracy
1:38 AM: Q: Kraken, maybe, but I didn't see that tonight, I saw Quint over reacting when someone asks him to justify his statements
1:38 AM: Q: Quint, that doesn't justify being a prick
1:38 AM: AngelExecVP: Neither is the US Quint, we are a representitive democracy
1:38 AM: Ozymandias: So Disney is wrong for alledgely silencing Moore but its ok for Zim to be threatened with a ban because he disagrees with the powers that be?
1:38 AM: AngelExecVP: Ozy, thus the double standard of geek chat, HOO YEAH!
1:38 AM: Quint: I'm a prick? Who went on the attack first? Hmm... as usual, the crazy republican
1:38 AM: Quint: not me
1:39 AM: ChroniclesOfManufacturedHype: Yeah but Quint didn't release Brother Bear
1:39 AM: Kraken: Power corrupts dude, Quint is just like Vader man. Except without the sweet facial burns.
1:39 AM: Q: Quint, he didn't attack you, he responded to a point you made, to which you responded to by threatening him
1:39 AM: Quint: When I said something he couldn't handle, he took what I said and twisted to get out of the arguement
1:39 AM: Kraken: sometimes he just has to lay down the force choke on some fool that questions him.
1:39 AM: Kraken: just the way it is.
1:40 AM: JennGirl force chokes Kraken
1:40 AM: ChroniclesOfManufacturedHype: Lets not all pretend to be outragted, just chill out and keep it civil
1:40 AM: Kraken: akc
1:40 AM: Quint: that is shitty and if he was still insisting on arguing using those methods, I'd just as soon ban the fucker than spend 3 hours in a useless debate where everything I say doesn't matter
1:40 AM: Tawny: zim likes to twist things but then again he's studying to be a lawyer
1:40 AM: Anakin_KillerOfJediYounglings: there is a blanket of fear over the chat
1:40 AM: Anakin_KillerOfJediYounglings: coupled with a chilling effect
1:41 AM: Tawny fears no one
1:41 AM: ChroniclesOfManufacturedHype: it isnt his fault, hes conservatives, they have to twist things or they have nothing to believe in
1:41 AM: Quint: I was justified in the threat. I didn't ban the sonuvabitch, did I? Just told him to play it cleaner than he was trying to make it.
1:41 AM: Q: Quint, how exactly did he twist your words? you're the one who said walmart shoppers were evidence of why Moore is right. all he did was point out a consequence of that line of reasoning
1:41 AM: Toranaga: Come on. No more politics. It's Porn Friday now. Talk about porn.
1:41 AM: Kraken: Q: DROP IT
1:41 AM: Kraken: fuck dude
1:41 AM: Kraken: who gives a shit
1:41 AM: Kraken: Quint and Zim just don't need to be in the room at the same time
1:41 AM: Kraken: done and done
1:41 AM: Q: Kraken, more silencing the opposition, eh?
1:41 AM: Tawny: Q honestly zim has been treading a fine line so just drop it please
1:41 AM: Kraken: heh
1:42 AM: Ozymandias: Kraken, it seems that everyone cares when Micheal Moore rights of free speach are threatened why should it be different for Zim?
1:42 AM: Q: Tawny, that doesn't make it right to threaten people for disagreeing
1:42 AM: Quint: yeah, because we're tired of dealing with shithead we're silencing the opposition...
1:42 AM: *** bluecifer ( has joined channel
1:42 AM: Quint: when he takes a statement and broadens it to something it obviously wasn't meant to be... fuck it
1:42 AM: Q: Quint, exactly, you're tired fo dealing with him, so you want him silenced, my piont exactly
1:42 AM: Tawny wishes she could zip the mouths of the republican party
1:42 AM: Quint: if you don't like it, then get the fuck out of the chat. I'm tired of this
1:42 AM: Quint: fuck it
1:42 AM: Quint: that's it
1:43 AM: Kraken: think of AICN chat as the AICN staff's house
1:43 AM: FNORDcinco watches...
1:43 AM: *** Mode change "+b *!*" on by Quint
1:43 AM: Ozymandias: Tawny, he is only "treading a fine line" cause he doesn't agree with the powers that be
1:43 AM: Kraken: your at a party
1:43 AM: *** Q has been kicked off channel by Quint (Quint)
1:43 AM: FNORDcinco: Wow that was surprising...
1:43 AM: Quint: sorry folks
1:43 AM: Tawny: WOW
1:43 AM: Anakin_KillerOfJediYounglings: blanket of fear
1:43 AM: Kraken: woa
1:43 AM: AngelExecVP: yeah didnt see that coming...
1:43 AM: ChroniclesOfManufacturedHype: yeah exactly, its a party at someones house
1:43 AM: Tawny: Go Quint!!
1:43 AM: bluecifer: ...
1:43 AM: FNORDcinco looks around...
1:43 AM: FNORDcinco: Anyone else see that coming...
1:43 AM: Tawny: yep
1:43 AM: ChroniclesOfManufacturedHype: except Im allowed to be there
1:43 AM: Quint: believe it or not, I don't like banning people, but christ!
1:43 AM: Anakin_KillerOfJediYounglings: holy shit
1:43 AM: FNORDcinco: Well your full of no fear...
1:43 AM: Ender: so how was friends
1:43 AM: dmann: you nazi..... heh
1:43 AM: Anakin_KillerOfJediYounglings: WOW
1:44 AM: *** InvaderZim ( has joined channel
1:44 AM: *** Mode change "+h InvaderZim" on by Darklord
1:44 AM: dmann: KIDDING
1:44 AM: Tawny: q and zim will argue one point for hours
1:44 AM: Quint: hello zim
1:44 AM: Kraken: I think this leaves me with only one option
1:44 AM: InvaderZim: I will not stand for this.
1:44 AM: Quint: I know it, tawny
1:44 AM: InvaderZim: Why did you ban Q?
1:44 AM: InvaderZim: What is thi?
1:44 AM: InvaderZim: this is insane.
1:44 AM: Quint: will someone tell zim why I banned Q
1:44 AM: Kraken: I don't believe he was banned, just kicke...
1:44 AM: Kraken: oh , nevermind
1:44 AM: Anakin_KillerOfJediYounglings: blanket of fear + chilling effect
1:44 AM: Kraken: :)
1:44 AM: Tawny: Q was arguing and would not drop it
1:44 AM: Quint: the conversation was moving on
1:44 AM: AngelExecVP: I would tell Zim, but I do not feel like being banned for the 35th time.
1:44 AM: Ozymandias: Cause he was winning the arguement, Zim
1:44 AM: Quint: he was not
1:45 AM: InvaderZim: because you decided it to be so, Quint.
1:45 AM: Quint: you may not "stand" for it, but that's the way it is
1:45 AM: InvaderZim: Are you kicking people for political reasons, Quint?
1:45 AM: InvaderZim: For shame.
1:45 AM: Tawny: no Q was just adding fuel to the fire as usual not winning an argument
1:45 AM: Quint: no, I'm kicking people for being abusive
1:45 AM: bluecifer: q, jack
1:46 AM: *** Saucy_Minx ( has joined channel
1:46 AM: Quint: I'm not you zim. I didn't ban him for having a different political party than I do.
1:46 AM: Quint: I banned him for be being abusive
1:46 AM: Saucy_Minx: And hello all.
1:46 AM: Jack: quint is cool.
1:46 AM: Ozymandias: You just ban him for winning the arguement
1:46 AM: AngelExecVP: Howdy Minx, welcome to AICN "Shenanigans" Chat
1:46 AM: Tawny: no ozy he was not winning


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