Friday, May 07, 2004


1:46 AM: Saucy_Minx: Who's banished?
1:46 AM: ChroniclesOfManufacturedHype: So lets change the subject. Quint: Didn;t it strike you that the bowling for columbine review didnt say anything about the movie
1:46 AM: bluecifer: q, hoyden
1:46 AM: Saucy_Minx: oh?
1:46 AM: Saucy_Minx: dang
1:46 AM: Ozymandias: You see it your way I see it mine, Tawny
1:47 AM: Anakin_KillerOfJediYounglings: Saucy, there is a blanket of fear over this chat
1:47 AM: ChroniclesOfManufacturedHype: a vote for Bush is a vote for Dick Cheney. I'll take anarchy.
1:47 AM: FNORDcinco: Blanket of fear...Yeah i dont think thats going to catch on...
1:47 AM: AngelExecVP: hell yeah
1:47 AM: Tawny: Ozy Q was on one of his tangents
1:47 AM: Saucy_Minx: Bah, politics, banishings
1:47 AM: bluecifer: q is one of the most rational people in here
1:47 AM: Jack: I prefer kerry over bush thank you very much.
1:48 AM: Tawny: Q rational? hehehehe
1:48 AM: Ozymandias: Tawny, I don't know how long you have been coming here but Q is probably the most even moinded person in this room
1:48 AM: Saucy_Minx: Tawny's old, O.
1:48 AM: Saucy_Minx: Older than you.
1:48 AM: Anakin_KillerOfJediYounglings: lol democrats lol "we're for what the republicans are for but less of it"
1:48 AM: Jack: tawny doesn;t like anyone.
1:48 AM: bluecifer: what did Q say that was abusive?
1:48 AM: Quint: it wasn't one thing, blue, it was his constant unwillingness to drop the issue
1:48 AM: ChroniclesOfManufacturedHype: democrats are for not driving this country into the ground
1:49 AM: Ender: whats good for america is bad for the democrats
1:49 AM: AngelExecVP: Yeah but he is an op, does he have to drop an issue?
1:49 AM: Saucy_Minx: Q's not banned for good, I'm sure.
1:49 AM: bluecifer: well, couldn't you have just put him on ignore?
1:49 AM: *** superboots (aintitcool@31b34b44.2c4e124f.1f49225e.1faf4a71X) has joined channel
1:49 AM: Quint: saucy, oh no
1:49 AM: Saucy_Minx: no?
1:49 AM: Quint: I just wanted him to have a cool out time
1:49 AM: Tawny thinks the whole thing should just be dropped
1:49 AM: Quint: yes, saucy
1:49 AM: Saucy_Minx: Yeah
1:49 AM: Saucy_Minx: That's what I thought
1:49 AM: Quint: no, he's not banned permanently
1:49 AM: ChroniclesOfManufacturedHype: drop it like blanket jackkson
1:49 AM: Anakin_KillerOfJediYounglings: any grils in here
1:49 AM: Kraken: ok, I sleep now
1:49 AM: Kraken: g'night
1:49 AM: Quint: he's done nothing to deserve that. I was just tired of being attacked
1:50 AM: InvaderZim: for what?
1:50 AM: AngelExecVP: He wasnt attacking you really, just questionning you reasoning behind the situation.
1:50 AM: Tawny: fnord no more garfield please
1:50 AM: InvaderZim: you began this entire thing, btw.
1:50 AM: FNORDcinco: Indeed...
1:50 AM: InvaderZim: I made a statement, and you made a sarcastic retort.
1:50 AM: InvaderZim: oh, nm.
1:50 AM: Quint: yes, sarcastic retort
1:50 AM: Ozymandias: Tawny lets drop the whole arguemnet now that people on one side have gotten there way through threats and banning
1:51 AM: Saucy_Minx: Well, if there's one thing you ought to learn in about three seconds of being in here, is don't piss off an op. It doesn't have to be rational. This ain't a democracy.
1:51 AM: Quint: and who ran with it?
1:51 AM: InvaderZim: you want to move on now that you've declared "victory" in a bloody chatroom.
1:51 AM: Quint: I sure didn't want to get into a political debate
1:51 AM: Quint: please
1:51 AM: bluecifer: what if an op pisses off an op?
1:51 AM: *** Signoff: Anakin_KillerOfJediYounglings (Quit: blanket-of-fear)
1:51 AM: Jack: quint? may I talk with you in PM?
1:51 AM: Tawny says cant we all just drop it already
1:51 AM: ChroniclesOfManufacturedHype: I think politics should be settled by gravel fights
1:51 AM: Saucy_Minx: You see the result
1:51 AM: InvaderZim: lol
1:51 AM: AngelExecVP: again, the whole "this aint a democracy" argument, does not apply to a chat or the USofA.
1:51 AM: Saucy_Minx: Higher op wins
1:51 AM: InvaderZim: geek fight
1:51 AM: Quint: sure, jack
1:51 AM: Saucy_Minx: It does, oh little one.
1:51 AM: Saucy_Minx: Very much so
1:51 AM: AngelExecVP: No
1:52 AM: Saucy_Minx: You see the result
1:52 AM: Quint: angel, does it not
1:52 AM: AngelExecVP: because Zim, Quint, or any other OP does not represent US as elective officials
1:52 AM: ChroniclesOfManufacturedHype: its like being at a party at someones house
1:52 AM: AngelExecVP: We did not elect them, they were appointed
1:52 AM: Saucy_Minx: Like the cabinet
1:52 AM: superboots: hello
1:52 AM: AngelExecVP: So, this is an oligogary more than anything else.
1:52 AM: Ender: so how was friends?
1:52 AM: Quint: kraken said it best. You're in an AICN home when you're here. If you shit on the floor and insult us, don't be surprise to get kicked out the door.
1:52 AM: Saucy_Minx: Friends was cute
1:52 AM: FNORDcinco: SHIT!
1:53 AM: FNORDcinco: This week went by fast...
1:53 AM: Ender: ross and rachel?
1:53 AM: Saucy_Minx: It's not Friday on my end, yet.
1:53 AM: Saucy_Minx: Got together
1:53 AM: bluecifer: ugh
1:53 AM: *** bluecifer has left channel
1:53 AM: Ender: aw

1:56 AM: *** Mode change "-b *!*" on by Quint
1:57 AM: *** Q ( has joined channel
1:57 AM: *** Mode change "+h Q" on by Darklord
1:57 AM: Q: well
1:57 AM: FNORDcinco: that was quick...
1:57 AM: ChroniclesOfManufacturedHype: yeah
1:57 AM: Ozymandias: wb, Q
1:57 AM: Saucy_Minx: WB Q
1:57 AM: Q: where the hell did you all go?
1:57 AM: Tawny goes under her desk
1:57 AM: Saucy_Minx: heh
1:57 AM: Quint: your time out is over, Q
1:57 AM: FNORDcinco builds some shelves and such like george on seinfeld for tawny...
1:57 AM: Q: Quint, gee, thanks
1:57 AM: Quint: No hard feelings, but please let's just drop it
1:57 AM: FNORDcinco: I almost did that to a desk of mine...But chicked out...
1:57 AM: Ozymandias: "time out"? what is Q a child now
1:57 AM: FNORDcinco: Yes...
1:58 AM: AngelExecVP: I am saying
1:58 AM: AngelExecVP: You cant drop something, when you treat a man like a bitch
1:58 AM: Ozymandias: Perhaps he should wear a dunce cap
1:58 AM: *** Guest ( has joined channel
1:58 AM: Q am 4 years old
1:58 AM: AngelExecVP: a bottom bitch no less
1:58 AM: Tawny still has no fear just hates to see people fight like this
1:58 AM: ChroniclesOfManufacturedHype: this is like a fuckin salon stop the gossiping
1:58 AM: Q holds up 3 fingers
1:58 AM: Ozymandias: Thats 3, q
1:58 AM: FNORDcinco gives tawny a book to read while the parents fight...
1:58 AM: Q: nuh uh
1:58 AM: InvaderZim: Jesus, Tawny.
1:58 AM: InvaderZim: Shut up.
1:58 AM: InvaderZim: You sound like you're eight years old.
1:58 AM: FNORDcinco: BAN HIM!
1:58 AM: Tawny slaps InvaderZim around a bit with a large trout
1:59 AM: InvaderZim slaps Tawny with a baseball bat.
1:59 AM: Ozymandias: ok, you are right, that is 4, here is your cookie and juice box
1:59 AM: FNORDcinco: Nah...Im trying to LESSON her pain...
1:59 AM: *** Signoff: Saucy_Minx (Quit: "See, free nations are peaceful nations. Free nations don't attack each other. Free nations don't develop weapons of mass destruction" George W. Bush)
2:00 AM: InvaderZim notices Quint's not here.
2:01 AM: InvaderZim: Now that the poli-chat stopped.
2:01 AM: Jack: hi boots
2:02 AM: ChroniclesOfManufacturedHype: jesus christ they cant show these iraq photos when Im eating
2:02 AM: ChroniclesOfManufacturedHype: that shit is so fucked up
2:02 AM: *** Guest ( has joined channel
2:03 AM: *** Hans ( has joined channel

2:09 AM: Q: !op
2:09 AM: *** Mode change "+o Q" on by Darklord

2:11 AM: *** BluLighter has left channel

2:17 AM: Quint: alright. enough fun and excitement for one night

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