Thursday, May 13, 2004

[Paul_Bunion] Who's Troy?
[Guest1] ok dude
[Guest1] troys the gay brad pitt movie
[Paul_Bunion] ah
[Paul_Bunion] Gladiator movie?
[Guest1] right
[Paul_Bunion] I like gladiator movies.
[Paul_Bunion] :)
[Paul_Bunion] Sweaty men in skirts.
[Guest1] ew
[BeebleBumbler] :O
[Paul_Bunion] lol
[Guest1] u a homo or what bro
[Paul_Bunion] no, making a funny.
[Paul_Bunion] What if I were a homo?
[Guest1] that shit aint funny
[BeebleBumbler] Then I would recommend a movie called Drift. The feel good homo comedy of the year.
[BeebleBumbler] wait, that was Chuck and Buck.
[Paul_Bunion] Sweaty men in skirts ain't funny? i disagree!
[Guest1] ok i guess that could be funny
[Paul_Bunion] :)
[Paul_Bunion] lol
[Guest1] id never fuck a dude in the ass though cuz im not gay
[Paul_Bunion] Oh, thank god you found a reason!
[Guest1] im lookin forward to anchorman and dodgeball movie
[Paul_Bunion] A penis should never be attempted to be inserted into an anus, ever!
[Guest1] ok dude
[BeebleBumbler] seriously, who needs a reason when fucking a dude in the ass?
[Paul_Bunion] Er...
[Guest1] dont even go there
[Guest1] fuckin a chick in the dumper is fun tho
[BeebleBumbler] is that what they call it nowadays? what do you say to get a chick to do that? "lemme do your dumper!"
[Paul_Bunion] no.
[Guest1] turn over baby i wanna fuck you in your fat ass
[Paul_Bunion] Damn hearsay.
[Paul_Bunion] *weirdo alert*
[Guest1] wtf dude
[Guest1] your the weirdo
[Guest1] you like fuckin dudes in skirts

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