Friday, May 28, 2004

*** Peter_North has joined
[Peter_North] LADIES: Which one of you wants the first FREE Pearl Necklace and Protein Facial???
[Otaking] Who is this man
[Otaking] RIDDICK!
[Peter_North] Hey...interesting coincidence.....I'm able to grow a very large boner and I gave it the nickname RIDDICK! Cool, huh?
[Peter_North] Why is it that whenever I visit this chatroom, I'm the only guy that's totally and full frontally nude with a huge boner and taking a shit while chatting with you folks on my laptop computer?
[Peter_North] Anyone in here ever masturbate while taking a shit before?
[Peter_North] WHY can't you people just accept the fact that I'm totally nude right now....with a full boner...and I gotta take a shit? ...what's the problem here???????
[Peter_North] I'm nude. I've gotta boner. and I've gotta take a shit. It's as simple as that!
[Peter_North] Men....I'd like each and everyone of you to try my new tablets called "Volumez". I personally guarantee that these pills while make you really shoot the goo, so you can give that special lady in your life the perfect Pearl Necklace and Protein Facial!
[Movieguy] got to love that ignore feature
[Peter_North] Look, I make films...that's why I'm here.
[Peter_North] All you guys have spanked off to my films at least ONCE.
[i0Nic] i havent
[Peter_North] LIAR
[jed] i have
[jed] he does good work.
[Peter_North] So what's the big deal in at least trying my new tablets! THEY ACTUALLY WORK! Haven't you guys always wanted to give a girl the perfect Peter North-Style Pop Shot?
[Peter_North] please, check it out
[Peter_North] Woman really enjoy having my boner deep inside all 3 of their inputs because my boner has that really cool Darth Vader Helmet Shape to it!
[Peter_North] I no longer fuck women's belly buttons, arm pits, nostrils, eyeball sockets or ear drums.
*** Peter_North was kicked by MrsDanRydell (MrsDanRydell)

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