Saturday, May 08, 2004

[queeny] gahhhh..texassss chainsaw massacre scaryy.. aghhh
[ClockworkOrange] i hated that movie except for harrys head and the going through the skull camera shot
[queeny] i hated it i was so scared.
[queeny] i didnt even see harrys head. now this means i have to rent it again and watch it again
[queeny] soley for harrys head.
[androgyny] eww
[androgyny] i've seen harry'
[androgyny] s
[androgyny] head
[Headgeek] queeny - you want to see my head... come to town, I'll show you my head

[Headgeek] queeny -- well - just like all the women that automatically get into bnat -- send me panties, a video tape audition and a promisory I OWE U SEX note signed before a notary public and we're good to go

[androgyny] harry, i'm 5'10, weigh 200 pounds and have oily hair; I'll send you a note saying I owe you sex if I can get into bnat. Surely you do not discriminate against one of your own.

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