Saturday, May 29, 2004

[Saucy_Minx] Who here knows computers?
[wus] not me
[FNORDcinco] Uhhh everyone...We are nerds...
[Saucy_Minx] Yeah?
[Saucy_Minx] Mine only starts in safe mode. What's that about?
[Hans] Saucy: hit it with a hammer
[Saucy_Minx] Shut up Hans, this is serious
[Saucy_Minx] >-(
[DARKWINGvsGIZMO] saucy 3.21 gigawattz of electricity
[Saucy_Minx] huh?
[Saucy_Minx] Speak non-conehead
[Hans] oh my God people, its SERIOUS!!
[Hans] GET DOWN!!
[Saucy_Minx] 3.21 gigawatz of electricity. What could that mean?
[DARKWINGvsGIZMO] 3.21 gigawattz will send your computer to the past before it was broke
[Hans] Saucy: your computer has a flux capacitator?
[Saucy_Minx] Flux capacitator? Now you're just fucking with me

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