Saturday, May 08, 2004

Science Day on AICN!
[Spiderbiot] if you are worried about the haven for white man you must take over the planet mercury
[Spiderbiot] the planet must be tamed
[Spiderbiot] first by building a railway so that cities can be rotated (Yes. Rotating cities will save us from the temperatures that melt steel. Sheer genius!)
[vonBraun] Spider... we'll take over MARS
[Spiderbiot] mars no metal (Perhaps UCAV has sent his own probes to Mars. The last batch of rovers dug town less than a meter...)
[Spiderbiot] venus and mercury metal
[jr] Mars is nicer than Mercury
[Q] I'm not worried about the fate of the white man. I'm woored about western liberal cutlure
[jr] not too hot
[vonBraun] Jr... indeed
[FireAndRain] I call dibs on Neptune!
[OtaFreez] assteroids have all the metal you need (Perhaps Freezie is just obsessed with the ASS in asteroids)
[Q] worried
[vonBraun] Venus is also too hot.
[OtaFreez] asteroids
[jr] Q, the two may well be sharing the same fate
[Spiderbiot] asteroids 0 g (No gravity? On an object with Mass? Are you sure?)
[OtaFreez] and easier to mine
[Spiderbiot] hard to mine
[vonBraun] But Mars... just perfect
[Spiderbiot] too fast
[Spiderbiot] need fuel
[OtaFreez] ) G = easy to mine
[OtaFreez] o
[Spiderbiot] not stable
[Spiderbiot] may rupture due to exploding gases millions of miles rotate too much (Mass + Rotation = GRAVITY. Oops)
[vonBraun] We need to set up Mars colonies with a ratio of 10 females per each male… we shou
[FireAndRain] Forget about Clarke movies, where's my GODDAMN FLYING CAR?!?

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