Monday, May 10, 2004

She STILL Doesn't Get It!!!

[JediTawny] why is jenn still an op?
[MoriartyIsTranscribing] Because Jenn will remain an op, Tawny.
[MoriartyIsTranscribing] Jenn has been enormously valuable to us.
[JediTawny] wonderful so people will keep getting kicked for the heck of it
[MoriartyIsTranscribing] No, Tawny... last night, when you overreacted, she was actually helping someone who had a GHOST they couldn't kill. They were asking to be kicked.
[MoriartyIsTranscribing] She helped them, and you yelled at her for it.
[MoriartyIsTranscribing] Fire&Rain was trying to get his nick back.
[MoriartyIsTranscribing] Now please drop it.
[JediTawny] Mori i did not overreact she called verbally acosted me and was kicking folks when they did nothing
[thx777b] i believe i can be very helpful too if you make me an op
[MoriartyIsTranscribing] Tawny... I'm asking you to drop it.
[WinslowLeach] jenngirl is a hockey playin chatroom moderatin' chick
[ WinslowLeach] so lookout
[Chrisloth_Tabor] I feel the need for a Jenngirl themesong.
[MoriartyIsTranscribing] There's nothing going on right now except you getting worked up about it. If you're still irritated by something that happened 12 hours ago, then you're taking a chat room too seriously.
[WinslowLeach] Jenngirl theme by Quincy Jones
[JediTawny] mori no I'm not taking a chat room too seriously .
[MoriartyIsTranscribing] No one's getting kicked. No one's getting banned. So there's really no reason to have this conversation, is there?
*** JediTawny has left channel

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