Monday, May 10, 2004

Some People Just Don't Get It

Once upon a time, FireAndRain kept getting disconnected...
*** FuegoYLluvia has joined
*** FuegoYLluvia goes after Telstra with a board with a nail in it again
[FuegoYLluvia] Nrr!
*** FireAndRain was kicked by JennGirl (and.....good night, jackass.)
[JennGirl] hahaha
[FuegoYLluvia] "Reasonable levels of service", my ASS!
[JennGirl] forgot it keeps the msg
[JennGirl] you know i'd never call you a jackass
[JennGirl] :)
*** FireAndRain23 has joined
[FireAndRain23] That's it! Now I'm all pissed off! Take that, hippie!
[JediTawny] jenn again that was not called for
[JennGirl] you poor dear
*** FuegoYLluvia was kicked by JennGirl (and.....good night, jackass.)
[JennGirl] nahhh
[JennGirl] just helping him out
[FireAndRain23] I swear, when I get rich and famous, I'm running for Prime Minister, and I'm putting a shitload of money into improving Internet service.
[JediTawny] jenn enough already please
[JediTawny] Jenn needs to chill out
[JennGirl] listen, you clueless little twit
[JennGirl] if you don't understand what's going on
[JediTawny] Jenn i did not attack you. I have not said one mean thing to you all night. I come here to hang out with friends and discuss movies

Once your local sheriff

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