Saturday, May 08, 2004

[Spykid001] I don't want Harry to suddenly start making it with Ron and Hermione.
[Martin] Have you seen CALIGULA Jacob?
[RonnieRocket] spy, why?
[RonnieRocket] did he rape you?
[Jacob34] where the fuck is the ops.
*** Sisu|Relaxing rapes Spykid001.
[adamkesher] I never saw Caligula
[Spykid001] STOP IT!
*** Sisu|Relaxing violates Spykid001
[RonnieRocket] Sis, quit it
*** TimeWastingAndTedious joins in
[Spykid001] Cut it out, you guys!
*** Sisu|Relaxing fondles Spykid001 against his will.
[Jacob34] I have.
[Nordling] Sisu - mind the taint
*** TimeWastingAndTedious thinks spykid is starting to like it
[Sisu|Relaxing] Yeah, he is.
[RonnieRocket] Jacob, you violated Spykid?
[RonnieRocket] you sick bastard
[RoninKengo] looks like a nerve has been struck
[RonnieRocket] jesus, quit fucking around with this spykid......
[Sisu|Relaxing] He's saying "no no no," but he MEANS "yes yes yes."
[Spykid001] No, I'm just angry about being the center of fucking attention.
[Sisu|Relaxing] You brought it upon yourself.

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