Sunday, May 09, 2004

*** starscream has joined
[starscream] hello room
[starscream] has any1 saw boussh in here today???
[Jacob34] why do you ask starscream?
[starscream] hes the admin guy need 2 ask somethin
[starscream] have u say him jacob
[Jacob34] I got into a fight with the little creep.
[starscream] why what happened
[starscream] has any1 saw boussh 2 day
[Jacob34] you just the fucking question star.
[starscream] no 1 answered though hes admin methinks giving me a hard time
[Ebben] yes, i'm talking to boussh right now starscream
[Ebben] in this room
[queeny] starscream you ARE boussh if you havent seen your self..that leads me to believe that you could possibly be a VAmpire.
[queeny] beware.
[starscream] about swearing
[starscream] whats a vampire
[queeny] exactly
[queeny] a vampire pretending to be normal would ask a question JUST like that
[Bob] no such things as vampires
[FNORDcinco] Indeed...
[starscream] internet lingo?
*** FNORDcinco gets a stake made of wood and one made of silver just incase...
*** queeny blesses that stake..
[Bob] n e one now n e news on the new star wars film
[Spykid001] Argh.
[queeny] can n e 1 speak normal 2day??
[Guest_Will] not as far as i know
[Jacob34] not really bob.
[Bob] crap
*** FNORDcinco gets kinda turned by the blessing of the stake...
[FNORDcinco] DOH!
[starscream] palpatine is a robot made by midiclorians i heard
[Bob] lol
[FNORDcinco] Just doh...
[Bob] starscream u really tickled me with that
[Bob] a robot
[starscream] what thats what i heard
[Ebben] leave Bob's anus alone starscream
[Jacob34] I will take hulk any time over star wars.
[starscream] jacobu are so shallow u absent minded fool
[Jacob34] I know a good movie when I see one.
[FNORDcinco] No you dont...
[Ebben] yes but at least he doesn't swear boussh
[starscream] obviosly not jacob the idiot
[starscream] is bouush here
[queeny] boussh is a moron. lets not speak about him/it/her
[Jacob34] you enjoy your star wars movies. and I will enjoy the hulk.
[starscream] which hulk geen or grey
[starscream] episode 3 will rule
[starscream] i like holiday special best
[starscream] i like jacob 34 hes funny
[starscream] like a village idiot sort of person
[Jacob34] are you trying to insult you little bitch.
[Jacob34] me
[starscream] or jacobs like an absent minded fool or something lol
[Jacob34] you are an asshole you little shit.. and I have you on ignore.. so fuck off.
[queeny] who are you talking to jacob
[starscream] or like a oaf or a simpleton lol
[Jacob34] starscream
[starscream] ignore lol
[queeny] ah i see.
[starscream] take 2 the hand
*** Jacob34 has left
[queeny] woahhh 5th grade in this room
*** Jacob34 has joined
[Bob] that sounds painful take 2 the hand, lol
[starscream] i like jacob hes funny
[Bob] u just like pissing him off
[queeny] you people.
[starscream] hes highly strung
[Bob] lol
[starscream] bouush said so
[Jacob34] I think starscream needs a time out.
*** starscream was kicked by Darklord (Fuck off and stop making sport of Jacob.)
*** Jacob34 was kicked by Darklord (Stop rising to the bait every time and being so fucking touchy.)
*** starscream has joined
[starscream] hello
*** Jacob34 has joined
*** Jacob34 is now known as JACK
[McRibloFett] Jacob34: why the nick change to jack?
[starscream] hello
[starscream] :)
[Bob] jacks back
[Bob] lol
[starscream] jack
[starscream] im sorry jack lol
*** Moriarty sets mode: +b *!*
*** starscream was kicked by Moriarty (You were warned. Now you get to fuck off. Enjoy, douche.)
[JACK] thanks mori
[McRibloFett] whats goin on with this starscream bloke? do you need me to kick his ass jacob?

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