Wednesday, May 05, 2004

The Strange Case of ChiantiCityRocker

*** CCR was kicked by crunchycadaver (I know what you did last summer....)
[crunchycadaver] oh jenn, wake up
[DannyOceanhiding] Who the fuck is Crunchy cadaver
[Kentrel] CCR has denied being chianti...
[crunchycadaver] that's nice
[Ghoulardi] I deny being dead sexy. Doesn't mean I'm not...
*** CCR has joined
[Kentrel] you are dead sexy
[Ghoulardi] I know
[Ghoulardi] But I deny it
[CCR] pardon me, but why on earth was I kicked?
*** Fishbulb kills Ghoulardi
[Kentrel] you can't admit it then deny it
[Fishbulb] now you are dead and sexy
[Ghoulardi] Whooo!
[Ghoulardi] You just revel in your sexiness, Kenty
[Kentrel] I know I do
*** Ghoulardi rises from the grave
[Kentrel] ghoulardi, you're sexy when you're resurrecting
[Fishbulb] now you are undead sexy
[Kentrel] ghoul, you are like the sexy christ
[Kentrel] come back from the dead to save us all
[Fishbulb] you're...too sexy for your grave
[Ghoulardi] Actually, I used to have a social theory that all the problems of the world could be solved by fucking
[Fishbulb] heh
[crunchycadaver] used to?
[Ghoulardi] Hey now, Fishbulb...I don't look like Vin Diesel
[Fishbulb] I think Spykid has the same theory
[Kentrel] ghoul, what about STD's?
[Kentrel] lol
[Ghoulardi] Eat me, Fishbulb
[Ghoulardi] Fucker
[Kentrel] ya didn't figure that into your theory
[Fishbulb] no thanks, I'm full
[Fishbulb] Vin Diesel looks vaguely simian
[Ghoulardi] Vin was much more approachable when he was fronting Right Said Fred
[Kentrel] lol
[Fishbulb] heh
[Fishbulb] "As you can see, I am still too sexy for my shirt." "Actually, it is this court's opinion that you are NOT."
[crunchycadaver] nutter's a good word for you CCR. and someone "close" has verified your identity. so it's time to stfu.
[crunchycadaver] also, stop pm'ing me. it's creepy.
*** Kentrel shrugs
[CCR] excuse me?
[CCR] what on earth have I done?
*** Smeghead has joined
[Ghoulardi] Hello, Smeg
[Fishbulb] Smeee...heeeeee
[DannyOceanhiding] CCR, are you really chianti?
[DannyOceanhiding] if so, you're very strange
[CCR] for the last time, NO
[CCR] I'm getting really sick of this
[crunchycadaver] so leave
[crunchycadaver] chianti
[Smeghead] why dont you leave crunchycadaver
[CCR] all I want to do is chat about film and I am getting blamed for somebody else
[Smeghead] quit pstering people
[CCR] I have done nothing but chat and I get this
[CCR] its really not fair
[Ghoulardi] Hmmm, maybe she's supposed to pester people, Smeg. She's an op.
[Kentrel] is crunchy a girl?
[Smeghead] OPs cant be cruptZ?
[Smeghead] Crupt
[Ghoulardi] Crunchy is a Cadaver
[DannyOceanhiding] CCR, you're chianti right
[Ghoulardi] cruptZ? Crupt?
[Ghoulardi] What the fuck is that supposed to mean?
[Kentrel] well is a cadaver a girl?
[CCR] for heavens sake Danny, stop it. I'm me not this chianti person
[DannyOceanhiding] you are
[CCR] I'm afraid not
[DannyOceanhiding] no, you are
[CCR] *sigh*
[Kentrel] from what I can remember.....and my memory is pretty good
[Kentrel] chianti: from N.I. went to St. Andrews, had a fetish for older men, obsessive love\hate relationship with Michael Bay, same age as me, had an unusual taste in movies for a girl
[CCR] that could be a million in one people
[CCR] I give up
[CCR] think what you like
[Kentrel] CCR: from N.I. goes to St. Andrews, has a fetish for older men, obsessive love\hate relationship with Michael Bay, same age as me, has an unusual taste in movies for a girl
[Smeghead] dont take crap from no one CCR
[Kentrel] might be a huge coincidence
[Kentrel] those are the fact's ma'am
[DannyOceanhiding] some great turns of phrase in here
[Ghoulardi] Don't forget that they look alike, too
[CCR] I'm fioria. I live in Lisburn. I just happen to go to St Andrews. And?
[Abstruse] That doesn't exactly seem like it would describe a lot of people...
[Kentrel] chianti's name was fiona too
[Ghoulardi] Could be twins, even
[CCR] but I'm fioria
[Kentrel] fioria?
[DannyOceanhiding] CCR is a little insane
[Kentrel] lol
[DannyOceanhiding] maybe we should call the police
[Abstruse] Seems rather specific actually...
[CCR] not really
[Kentrel] i think I remember what chianti looks like, cute right?
[CCR] *sigh*
[CCR] believe what you like
[Kentrel] personally I think it's better to lie about everything in my life, that way nobody can track me down
[Kentrel] I'm really Ghoulardi
[Ghoulardi] Dammit
[Kentrel] but you just never knew we were the same person
[Ghoulardi] I've found myself out!
[Kentrel] lol
[Kentrel] as you can see I'm very funny
[DannyOceanhiding] Yeah, that'll work Kentrel. CCR, are you cute
[DannyOceanhiding] ?
[Kentrel] lol danny
[Ghoulardi] Fiona. Fioria. Flora. Florence. Frank. Debbie. Sybil.
[CCR] not really Danny
*** crunchycadaver is now known as AFKadaver
*** CCR was kicked by AFKadaver (one more for the road)
[SilentBobX] What was CCR kicked for?
[MistressDrusilla] awww! He kicked the cute chick!
[OBCaliElf] crunchy is a she
[OBCaliElf] d-u-h
*** CCR has joined
[CCR] *sigh*
[MistressDrusilla] ahhh...the cute girl is back!
[SilentBobX] wb CCR
[CCR] thank you
[blue] wb chianti
[CCR] this is getting tiresome
[MistressDrusilla] why did she boot you CCR?
[CCR] for the last time, I am NOT this person
[CCR] she thinks I'm somebody else
[thx777b] arent you?
[CCR] whatever
[thx777b] CONFESS
[CCR] no, I am not
[thx777b] ok
[thx777b] i rest my case
[CCR] and I'm tierd of trying to prove that I'm not
[thx777b] i think its clear that this man is not who she thinks he/she is
[CCR] all I want to do is chat to a bunch of cool people
[thx777b] like me CCR?
[thx777b] !:)

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