Thursday, May 27, 2004

[thx777b] "THE BEST PUPPET FILM OF ALL TIMES. PERIOD" NEY YORK TIMES, "If Jim Henson was alive this would have been his favorite movie!" L.A. Weekly, "If FRUITOPIA is the first puppet film nominated for an oscar i would not be suprised" PREMIERE, "*****!" EMPIRE, "We live in the age of cgi animation, FRUITOPIA has turned back time FUCK CGI LONG LIVE PUPPET-filmmaking!" FRUITOPIA: coming soon
[thx777b] hmmmmm
[thx777b] !:)
[thx777b] wait till you see FRUITOPIA
[thx777b] yeap yeap the hype is starting
[thx777b] "FRUITOPIA is the FIGHT CLUB of puppet films!"
[thx777b] "FRUITOPIA is the FIGHT CLUB of puppet films!" Drew McWinny
[Otaking] THX.. I want like... Lynchian puppets
[thx777b] Otak thats my plan
[Otaking] ok
[Tokyo_Joe] "mindless Dreck" : Tokyo Joe, Asahi Shinbun
[thx777b] "FRUITOPIA is puppet nightmare mixed with the real feelings of a humanoid puppet!" DAvid Lynch
[Tokyo_Joe] "I saw Fruitopia and almost blinked my other eye" : "Beat" Takeshi.
[thx777b] "FRUITOPIA made me realise that i should just stop big budget films, big budget documentaries, high tech 3-d filmmaking and just do puppet films!" James Cameron
[Otaking] THX I wanna see puppt intestines
[thx777b] "If there is one puppet film you are going to see this year... no make it your lifetime! That will be FRUITOPIA!" Roger Ebert
[thx777b] "Who would ever thought that a puppet film named FRUITOPIA will be on top of AFI's best films of all time!"
[Tokyo_Joe] "An erotic thrusting ejaculation of a journey into the depraved mind of a sick, sick director": Rolling Stone Magazine
[thx777b] hahaha
[DannyOcean01] Goddamn it you lot are tedious fuckers
[Otaking] "It Stinks" - The Critic
[thx777b] "FURITOPIA will give birth to a new kind of filmmaker, the puppet filmaker!" Variety
[thx777b] "FRUITOPIA should be banned it will destroy the minds of our youth with communist ideas and ideals!" Some old farty bloody Republican Senator
[thx777b] "This is the movie i always wanted to make but never did!" Kubrick from the grave!
[Otaking] dude... I just wanna make a Puppet version of Rashoman
[Hans] Puppets? what is this 1983?
[thx777b] Ota trust me it has homages to RASHOMON also, its about the murder of a tomatoe
[thx777b] "DARK CRYSTAL goodbye there is a new kid in town and his names FRUITOPIA" Fangoria
[thx777b] there is also a huge conspiracy in FRUITOPIA... i cant spoil though
[Otaking] THX,,, make your puppets out of human cadavers
[thx777b] let me just say this little hint: someone doesnt want the fruiots having free speech and living free and having their own town!
[Otaking] that would be CULT
[Tokyo_Joe] Then THX will become rich and fat-necked and replace it all with CG.
[thx777b] ...hmmm good idea
[thx777b] its my puppet masterpiece
[thx777b] it will be the first puppet film to win Cannes
[Otaking] THX is gonna get sued by Snapple
[thx777b] and maybe even get nominated for best film
[Tokyo_Joe] And Munch Bunch creator
[thx777b] "Were FRUITS LIVE FREE... and dead!" FRUITOPIA coming soon...
[Hans] did you take your delusion pills today?
[thx777b> actually not yet, i take them every afternoon
[Beeatrix] It's a way of life for thx, Hans.
[thx777b] actually they are not delusion pills they are called anti-depresants and they also help my manic compulsive dissorder
[thx777b] but i am really serious though, after i make my first couple of full feature films and save some money i am oing to JIM HENSON studios and fully finanancing my dream puppet film!:)
[Hans] yeah, maybe they'll be hiring new Janitors by then
[thx777b] the star of FRUITOPIA is a human reporter from some unamed metropolis who goes down to this mysterious fruit town to invistage the mysterioud murders of some tomatoes
[thx777b] soon he discovers a conspiracy behind it all
[thx777b] trust me it will be amazing
[thx777b] i even thought of the sequel
[DannyOcean01] sO Fruitopia is is some unknown country and unknown town and yet an intrepid reporter from NY find his/her way there
[DannyOcean01] I'm loving this internal logic
[thx777b] what Joe? MEGALOPOLIS is about some reporter who flies down tos ome weird town that fruits live in?
[thx777b] danny he actually flises there using a baloon beause thats the only way to go there!
[DannyOcean01] Yes but how does he/she know how to get there
[thx777b] aha because some other reporter got lost in those parts and his last report back to headqaurters was an article about some weird fruit town he discovered were real fruits think and walk and talk and got o jobs and have free mind!
[Hans] isn't Fruitopia the drink or underwear?
[thx777b] you must have FRUITOPIA, preorder the dvd before the movie is even made
[thx777b] the shit thing about making fRUITOPIA is that i must first make a couple of high profile criticaly aclaimed movies that make at lesat double their budget so i could finanance FRUITOPIA my self... it will be a hard time till i make FRUITOPIA
[Hans] yeah, sure, you get to work on that while I go feed my flying pigs
[thx777b] i did a quick estimation and i think it will cost me about 5 million dollars
[thx777b] i hope Jim Henson Company still makes puppets till i have the money and teh fame

[thx_afk_farway] i even made a song which will be the theme of FRUITOPIA over the opening credits, it goes like this:
[thx_afk_farway] Fruitopia, Fruitopia
[thx_afk_farway] We believe in freedom
[thx_afk_farway] Everyone is free and happy
[thx_afk_farway] We all live in Fruitopia
[thx_afk_farway] Fruitopia, Fruitopia
[thx_afk_farway] We believe in harmony
[thx_afk_farway] Everyone is glorious
[thx_afk_farway] We all live in Fruitopia
[thx_afk_farway] thank you!:)

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