Sunday, May 09, 2004

[wus] I don't mind hairy crotch, just not horizontal hairy crotch. Y'know, when it sticks out about an inch?
[Toranaga] Thats what my wife likes to call 70's bush.
[wus] 70's bush?
[Hercules] I shave down daily. completely hairless.
[AlexanderDeLarge] Hercules - shorn. just like the ladies like it.
[Hercules] I own a tub of Nair
[Saucy_Minx] ewww, men who don't have pubic hair are just oddd.
[MistressDrusilla] Herc: you never showed ME that! ;-p
[Hercules] hair can be shaved.
[MistressDrusilla] Saucy: actually, it's kinda nice once you get used to it
[MistressDrusilla] believe me, a shaved penis has it's advantages
[AlexanderDelarge] drusi - wait. a shaved PENIS? on it?
[AlexanderDelarge] the actual shaft?
[MistressDrusilla] Alex: fine...a shaved that waht you wanted to hear?
[AlexanderDelarge]: drusi - yes, please. I'm all for accuracy. :)
[emeraldluxury] I thought Nair was not suppose to be used in "sensitive" areas

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