Thursday, June 03, 2004

[Adam] So, am I the only person who 1) cannot get the Fahrenheit 9/11 trailer to connect and 2) thought the Polar Express trailer looks like nine shades of ass?
[DannyOcean01] I thought it looked shit, too
[DannyOcean01] The CGI looks shit
[DannyOcean01] the story sounds like pap
[Adam] Well, I guess that places me firmly in the DannyO camp
[DannyOcean01] If one more Santa Claus touches a kid and says 'The true meaning of Christmas is in you' I'm calling the fucking police
[DannyOcean01] 'Seeing is believing', ahhhh thank you Tom, thanks Zemeckass. I've finally seen the light. I now understand the very fabric of the cosmos. Your platitudes have shaken the shit from my eyes
[DannyOcean01] THANK YOU JEBUS
[DannyOcean01] Now is it me or did anyone else get the feeling that at the beginning of the Polar Express trailer, the kids parents were waiting for the kid to fall asleep so they could finally tick the box 'Fuck in your kids bedroom, while he's asleep and make sure you dribble on the walls'?
[DannyOcean01] or is that just me?

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