Friday, June 11, 2004

CHICK FIGHT! (Well, one chick and one Hoydenistic thing)
[Saucy_Minx] How is it that noone's developed a good fake tanning product in all these years?
[Saucy_Minx] But that's just it, everyone looks orange instead of tan with those fake tan products.
[OBCaliElf] that's because you're like 85 hoyden
[OBCaliElf] you can't possibly understand it
[Saucy_Minx] Who was talking to you, bitch?
[Saucy_Minx] Besides, I don't tan
[OBCaliElf] haha
[OBCaliElf] menopause coming early?
[Saucy_Minx] For you?
[Saucy_Minx] What have I ever done to you?
[Saucy_Minx] Your man was free and clear when I had him
[Saucy_Minx] So back the bus off of me
[OBCaliElf] hahahaha
[OBCaliElf] oh god
[OBCaliElf] back the bus off
[OBCaliElf] oh god that made me laugh

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