Thursday, June 17, 2004

did you miss my posts? Here we have some heated discussion
[Jacob] garfield is smarter then bush.
[Vertov] Jacob - you make it so easy to mock you.
[Vertov] You really do.
[Vertov] I'm not going to and listen to bad jokes from a 34 year old manchild.
[theremin] what's the difference between garfield: the movie and George W Bush?
[Vertov] Listen to yourself. You come in here like an ass and mention Garfield all the time. Its pathetic.
[Jacob] some people might be in a body an of adult,, and still think like a child.. both good and bad I suppose.
[theremin] Garfield: The Movie created jobs.
[BilboFett] whats the difference between theremin and a piece of shit?
[BilboFett] you can always flush the shit

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