Monday, June 14, 2004

[dmann] God damn......Stacey Keibler
[dmann] i wanna write a song about her
[dmann] Stacey Keibler, you cant wrestle a lick
[dmann] Stacey Keibler, on my face you should sit
[dmann] Stacey Keibler, your legs are so long
[dmann] Stacey Keibler, i wish you'd touch my schlong
[Q] is Stacey Keibler a cookie heiress?
[dmann] no
[dmann] shes a wrestling manager chick
[dmann] your ass is sweet and your shorts are small
[dmann] if we had kids i bet theyd be tall
[dmann] Stacey Keibler, you sure aint a cookie
[dmann] Stacey Keibler, please please please give me some nookie
[InvaderZim] ...
[dmann] you got no tits but thats ok, because its not that important any way
[dmann] Stacey keibler, the girl with the ass of gold![dmann] thank you

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