Wednesday, June 09, 2004

[Ghoulardi] Who would win in a fight? Jdawg or Bloodninja?
[Zool] Jdawg or Space Godzilla
[Jdawg] are all these people newbie trolls
[Ghoulardi] Jdawg could beat Space Godzilla, but Bloodninja would destroy him
[Ghoulardi] bloodninja's no newb
[Ghoulardi] He's the greatest baiter of all time
[Zool] Kentrel vs Gamera
[Jdawg] so basically the 1 guy better then me?
[Jdawg] Kentrel
[Jdawg] easily!
[Kentrel] in a looks competition?
[Kentrel] i don't know..
[Jdawg] hahahah
[Zool] well Gamera can divebomb from space, but Kentrel has the luck of the Irish
[Jdawg] i am half Irish
[Ghoulardi] Gamera is friend to all children
[Jdawg] AICN
[Ghoulardi] Kentrel is friend to all female ops
[Ghoulardi] It's a tie
[Kentrel] but our love of whiskey is our weakness and drained us of our power
[Kentrel] lol ghoul
[Ghoulardi] :)
[Kentrel] i do have a way with them don't i
[Kentrel] i'm like female op repellant

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